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I am unlovable

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All of my friends have boyfriends, all of them. All of them have had boyfriends before, all of them. I am the only one. the only one. . . i am so lonely. . .i dont get asked to dances. . .i dont get asked out. . .i am completely and utterly unlovable and i hate it. how do i continue with this pain.....

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well your aren't too specific on anything really are you shy? maybe guys don't think they have a chance. or maybe they are shy too. no one is unloveable. it isn't possible. there is always someone out there who thinks the world of you. i mean how old are you? are you a teenager? i mean it kinda sounds like it a little. you have the rest of your school years and then you life to meet people. sometimes it is hard to find someone when you are confined to one area most of the time. i don't think you should worry just go out, have fun, and don't doubt yourself

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You are not unloveable, your just down on yourself because you havent found anyone yet. Maybe your looking to hard and you it to much. Just let it come to you, because you might be looking harder than you think and that person might be right under your nose!

Instead of being so down on yourself, maybe you should just think to yourself "hey im single i get to do whatever i want and be were ever i want"... start thinking positive instead of thinking so negative, maybe thats the reason you feel unloveable. You might not be giving yourself enough credit. Be strong, That person will come in your life, but dont look, let it come to you... because you may get into a situation you cant get yourself out of...

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You know what? I think you are loveable. You just dont know it. You know what else I think. I think that confidence is attractive. Both guys and girls find confidence attractive. Work on youreself from the inside out. People who are confident love themselves, and then recognize that others can and will love them as well. Analyze why people may not be asking you out. Could it be that people are too intimidated to go up and ask you out to dances? Could it be that they are shy? The only thing wrong with you is that you need to change youre outlook on life. Be confident in youreself. Why wait to get asked out, why dont you do the asking? Are you afraid that people will reject you? So what! You can cope. Do you feel like you arent as appealing as youre friends? Well, I bet you probably are. Make youreself feel good. When you feel good about youreself others will feel good about you. Go to the gym. Workout and improve youre physique. Workout and improve youre confidence. Watch what you eat. Dont rely on unhealthy foods to help you cope. Stay away from drinking and drugs. You dont need that garbage to cope with life. Improve youreself by reading up on advice on how to become more appealing. Learn skills on flirting and body language. Learn skills on become more of a people-person. Walk with confidence. Hold that head up high. Learn relationship skills. Eventually the right person will come along. A great invention that has come along are the internet personals. Try them. They may work for you. Most importantly enjoy life. Try not to be so hard on youreself. It may sound unbelievable, but cherish being single. Use this time that you arent dating to create youreself into someone who is irresistible. Use this time to cultivate healthy dating/relationship skills so you dont fall into many pitfalls that others have. Whenever you feel down, create a smile situation. Look at something funny on tv, listen to happy music, workout, or do anything else positive that may make you feel good. I believe in you. Now its youre turn to believe in youreself.

Best wishes loveable one!!!!!

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Trust me, you should be happy that you haven't been involved so soon yet. I think the opposite, I think that you are among the 'lucky ones'.


Save the best for last, you will find that person someday. Just don't look for them, it will happen, let it be natural, and when it happens you'll know that it's fate.


Seriously, you are the lucky one, don't be sad. I'd rather be in your shoes. Sometimes, when you fall in love with someone, it's like a neverending viscious cycle that you wished you never tapped into.


You love them, things don't work out, your heart gets broken, and broken more and more by the next person...


Trust me, when the time's right, you'll meet that right person. Just be patient!

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I think that you are probably a very lovable person. I also think that you have to love yourself first before you go out and find love from someone else. From the sound of it you have been more focused on finding that significant other to love that you have forgotten about yourself. Focus on yourself first, be selfish and LOVE yourself. This will most probably give you more confidence. The confidence you gain will shine and people will notice that. If you still don't find that person you're looking for maybe you should just forget about it and focus on the fact that you're alive, you have friends and everything else that is good in your life coz sometimes things like love happens when you least expect it.

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I so feel your pain. I felt the same way you did 3 years ago and even longer. All of my friend's had girlfriends and I was the only one without one, but now I have a significant other. It just takes some time. Relationships aren't perfect nor is life. Good things come to those who wait.



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i think that if ur always looking for a boyfriend then it wont happen, it will happen when u least expect it and as for ur friends, they have got it all now but i bet when u do find someone they will all be single and wishing they was u

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