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Flunking tests and have no social life?!?

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I'm now in college and majoring in journalism, I've flunked tons of assignments that I was capable of doing and I have no social life, I've ogt my best friends, but we're far away and can only talk on the phone, I've got no guy and feel so lost in the world. I feel so awful about school because I can't flunk, it's just not me, I go up in tears when I got a D. What can I do to strike up a social life and maintain my studies?

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Hey girl,


I feel your pain. If you're new to the college thing maybe you are just going through some kind of lifestyle shock. If it's not that, maybe you simply need to kick-start the motivation from within and get to studying. Force yourself to do your assignments at a certain time, or certain days of the week, maybe in a particular location. Sometimes that journalism coursework can be tedious and lame (I know from experience). As for the boy situation...it's hard to concentrate when you want to have the happy and soft and fuzzy thing called a boyfriend in your life. I understand that you want one, and you miss your friends, and you feel like you're heading down a non-typical spiral, out of character and out of personal achievement standards. Just try to be friendly in class with a person or two around you, and it may stick, you may find a new pal, who then can be your ticket to a better social life.



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Easy, go to social events they have on campus or join a club.


What I do is just talk to the people around me, someone I think might have a personality like myself.


The whole flunking thing... It could be very well all in your mind, but once you start meeting people and getting sick of them, I think you'll be back to the books.



p.s. I don't know much about your school and or who you might be. (i.e. shy?)

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Maybe you're just under the weather, I don't want to sound harsh, but it could be depression, perhaps a chemical imbalance. If it's not likely of you to do poorly in school, then I think that it's probably the fact that your best friends are so far away from you.


It's stress you know, all this change. Maybe, you can start getting involved in exercise, take a dance class or something. I hope that you'll feel better, it's natural, a lot of college students go through the same feelings as you do.

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princesslizzie, I'm in the same boat you are. I just moved to college from out of state and I've felt alone here, but my buddies and I try to go out and hang downtown (did that tonight) find some clubs or college activities that let you mingle with other students. I do a lot of studying myslef cuz I'm in the 2nd toughest industry (the music industry) and I have to find someway to relax and chill outside of the studio. Good luck and have fun while you are at college.



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