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I need your help girls!! :-?


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Hey everyone,


ok here goes. There is this girl I knew was interested in me for a while. Anyways when I first started talking to her on the phone (which was like 2 weeks ago) she was really into me. She would call me like 3 times a day and I made sure I returned her phone calls. I am a very nice guy and was almost too nice i guess so she probably expects me to be nice still. However she stopped calling me as much about 3 days ago and I still called her as much as I normally did and i'm afraid I made her lose interest in me. I know from experience when you show too much interest in a girl too quick it's a big turn off. I stopped calling her all together today because I know she is not as interested as she once was. What I would like to know is how I can make her more interested in me again? I see her frequently and i'm not sure how to approach the situation. Part of me just wants to ignore and forget about her, part of me wants to make her jealous. I really dont want to do either of those things because i just wanna be with her. My idea of what I would like to happen ultimately is turn the tables and make her start calling me again without expressing too much interest, and when the time is right make her my girlfriend. I would appreciate any input from anyone (especially if you're a girl that has done this before). Thank you!!!!

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I think I know what the problem is.. She probably dying because she wants to call you, but she doesn't want you to think that she is really interested in you. (I think I made that mistake...Was too interested in a guy) Or she just wants you to call...to do the same thing she did.

It's either one or another.....


and yea...If you want, you can stop calling her so often, but I'm not sure...different girls take it differently.

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God you sound like i sounded 3 weeks ago, same thing i went threw, except the girl never called me back, i was always the one to call, now i don't want to associate myself with her anymore, b/c well...she is fake. the people here really tried to tell me that she was leading me on, but i didn't listen, instead i got hurt....and i don't want that to happen to you because it really sucks, i see why you want to make her jealous, and you also want her attention, because you feel you "gave to much, and it scared her away"


I know i did the same thing. It s sticky situation, and it's full of positive thoughts, but more negative thoughts...listen if she hasn't made contact, or tried to make contact, it's best if you cut off communication, and wait for her to approach/call you. it might take a while, but remember girls (ALL) like attention from guys, and sometimes they can use guys as a "ego-Boost" (I'm Not saying all women) just a few selected, especially younger ones. but hey...if she wants to talk and hangout with you. she WILL call. you just have to lay low, and play this out, be patient, she will come around.

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ok ... some grls like to play hard to get ...some just like the attention etc...


if u see her frequently is there any way that u can avoid seeing her as much ... don't cut communication completely ...she might think u r not interest at all... but do limit the calls... to maybe one every other day..... don't have a routine...call her at a certain time .... change it up.... sound like u have places to go and pp to see without sounding conceited... (thats the tricky part), act like ur doing great, life couldn't be better .... make her curious and want to see what is so exciting about ur life...


ie: call and say ...hey i just call to say whats up ...(or hello) ... i was just ...bla bla and bla bla reminded me of you. (Chit chat for a bit and then say) Okay well anyways let me let u go cause I'm meeting up with some FRIENDS (don't go into too much detail ...keep it mysterious) ... take care sweety ... ciao (use the word friends... not "the guys" or "female friends" ...keeps it open and her wondering..... if u mention other grls she might think ur a player and thats not what u want ...remember u might want to date her so u dont want trust issues to pop up later on)


In a convo like this u were friendly , respectful, showed u have a life outside of her... and that there is some interest but not enough to stop u from what u have to do ...



if she doesn't respond .... and if she is taking the not calling too far ..... confront her nicely


ex: I like talking with u cause i think u r a cool person but i get this feeling like u dont want to be my friend cause u never call me .... if thats the case let me know cause i don't want to feel like iam bothering anyone....


keep it short ...simple... concern but friendly .....stress it without stressing it ... act like it's something u noticed but ur not totally stressing .... like ur life won't end if she doesn't call u ......


If she likes u ...she wil change her ways... esp after u confront her ... (she might be going thru a few busy days....)


If she does change her ways ..... SLOWLY go back to the way u were at the beginning ...cause she might be calling ur bluff...


I feel kinda bad giving u this advice... cause u'll be playing a game ....but heck ... if she's playing it ... u might as well know how to counter-act.


PS: there is always the option of just moving on to someone else....


Good luck

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