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He makes me sad still

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My ex and I have been apart for almost 3 months now... And a certain time after the break up we still fooled around...And it hurt because I knew he wasn't mine and I wasn't his and that the feelings had changed.

Now we are just friends.. and I considered our relationship really something... I thought of him as my best friend...and today I was talking to him and he said that we never really hung out...that we never really went out and had fun. And it made me cry that he thought such things about something I thought was special. Not only does he say things that he knows hurts me...he trys to keep me from seeing other people...His one friend asked me to homecoming and he told me that I shouldn't go with him because "He's only doing it to piss me off" .... I don't know how true that is... I'm just confused about how he treats me...what should I do I still care about him so much ..I think he is just confused about what he wants...


Thanks for reading this....

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I understand the pain you are going through right now. However, I wonder are your priorities are in order. I'm glad you care about what he wants. But, what do YOU want? Of course he doesn't want you to see other people, do you want him to see other people? Probably not.


This is quite natural and normal, however, you have to learn to let go. It's nice to visit some of the old memories and feel some of the old feelings, but honestly... Is it helping or hurting? Evaluate your actions. Do things for yourself and move forward in life. These are your tasks.


Being with someone makes you a better person, breaking up with someone makes you a stronger person. Learn what lessons you can from this experience and grow. Dwelling in the past helps no one.


Good luck, we will be here for you.

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I was in a similar situation 2 years ago. And the man i faught with is the man im with right now. Im not trying to get your hopes up. But the kid that asked you to homecoming isnt trying to piss him off. Hes just jealous. And when a guy is just jealous - those feelings are still there. I think you need to play hard to get and kind of stop talking to him (its really really hard trust me i know... but in the end you might be really happy)... Dont suck up to him, thats what he wants... honey trust me... we need to talk more.. Ill help you out!

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