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I'm 15 years old and I have a boyfriend who is 18.We have a long distance relationship going on.I really love him and I know he loves me.One night he said that he needed the touch.I'm not don't there and I can't give it to him.I met him over the net.I want him back so bad and I already tried to make him jealious but it doesn't work.I will try anything to get him back.Please I have been to I don't know how many sites but they can't help.Please help me.

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As many have said, "Long distance relationship never work" however I don't believe that's true, never have, and never will. but I do believe a long distance relationship takes a lot of work,effort, trust, and commitment. If your boyfriend wanted the "touch" and you couldn't give him then he on his part SHOULD respect you for it and wait when you are ready. When you tried to get him back to make him jealous that was a mistake on your part, jealousy never works real life, the boy will only feel either hurt or isolated or he might just think to himself, "Oh she found another guy to make her happy...I really don't want to ruin her happiness..take care and I hope you two are happy together" and he'll move on himself.


My advice if you want to get him back is start up the communication back up again, try making a new screenname and introduce yourself to him again like you did in the very beginning.


I hope my advice helps.

I wish you luck!


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