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is this how all girls are?

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I have an ex girlfriend who has always tried to make me jealous during the relationship and after. I broke it off, and now it's like she is pulling out all the jealousy games. I thought we would be able to be friends, but i guess not. Everytime time we speak on the phone she pulls something new like: She has another dude at her place but yet she's running her mouth on the phone with me, guys pass her and introduce themselves and she responds where i can clearly hear and i know it's blatant, she spent a night at a "friends" place. I'm not the type to respond to stuff like this so when she does these things i totally ignore it. If this is her way of making me show that i care, it's the wrong way. and if i begin to believe this is how she is i'm gonna regret getting with her in the first place and lose respect for her. at the same token she is a very pretty female and she could be doing these things, but why go out of your way to throw it in my face.

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As everyone knows, women have pride, so if you break it off with them, your taking away from their pride, so naturally, their gonna retaliate, so anyway, i think she feels her pride has been insulted so shes gonna try and make you feel jealous so just ignore her, pretend she does'nt exist, persue other women, live your life, and enjoy it, if she sees this, she'll stay outta your way.

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I don't know, have you thought that maybe that's what she thought about your guy's relationship to. that it was only sex. Maybe she wanted to do other things too but just did it to keep her man happy,


The only reason I think she could be doing all this could be cos she also feels hurt. Like she gave you what a guy would want but then it ended she prob feels used.


but all you can really do now would be next time she says anything about another guy, just turn around and say "oh that's nice" and trust me after a while she will see its not getting to you and will stop. She is just out to hurt you like she prob is her self.

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Hello there,

I understand you think your ex girlfriend is trying to make you jealous and she is doing this by commenting on different guys in her life.


I feel your ex girlfriend is doing this to make you jealous, I also feel it is working, otherwise you wouldn't be posting about it here. It is bothering you, but I suggest you let it go. If she is going to act this way, then maybe you need to cut all contact with her so you are no longer bothered by her childish antics. There really isn't much point in continuously putting yourself into a situation where she is going to attempt to make you jealous, so why do you continue to do it? If you have talked to her about this and it has done nothing to change her, then my suggestion is, let her go. Save yourself the headache.


Best wishes!

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Hmm...well I'll speak slightly from experience. Sometimes people do things like that so you'll care. They want to know you care. It might not be that way for everyone, but it can be that way. I've done it mainly because I wanted to hear them get slightly mad at the other person, which to me showed the other person cared...then I realized how childish it was. I'd just ignore her...if you don't she'll drive you insane.

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