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(sorry this is a long story)


I met a girl mid of last year (we had a class together) and we became friends. But there was something about our relationship that is very hard for me to explain. We talk and sometimes we work together even in my year book she wrote "…call me." so during the summer I tried to call and could not get a hold of her until one day but i did not talk to her I had to leave a message with her sister I left my name and she never called back. During this year I have seen her a few time and we talk a little (like where do you sit during lunch etc. nothing big). One day after school I walk up to her and we started to talk I ask if she was still going out with her b/f from last year she told me that she was seeing someone new. At that point I made a half joke half flirt with I said "well if it don't work out with him then keep me in touch" she laughed not hard but it was a laugh non the less and said ok then we parted. After all that I have told you I would like to know if I have any chance with her and what my next move should be.

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Well first off, your storys not that long.


My fealing is that she is not that interested (right now) in you, but you should keep your options open either way.


just continue "being around" dont hit on her though, that might make her feel uncomfortable to be around you if she really digs her B/F.

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