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Signs of flirting??


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Hey guys,

Well, I told this guy that I like him. He an I are friends, not too close or anything. When I told him on msn he just said "kewl" and then "kewl" again. lol Anyways now he knows and at school I get the feeling that he likes me back... I was just wondering, do any of you guys know what kind of flirting signs I should be lookin' for. So I can kinda get a better idea of if he likes me?? Thanks a million! Luv y'all!


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Signs that he has a soft spot for you are:

1) He smiles at you when you two are talking.

2) He starts converstations with you...ex. stops you in the hall to say hi, compliments you on your appearance

3) He makes eye contact with you a lot.

4) He tries to make you laugh or smile.

5) When you talk about stuff, he is actually interested.


Flirting is always fun, but don't mistaken small talk for it and make yourself look like a complete idiot. If you want to persue your relationship without taking the leap into trying to make him your bf, ask him to hang out with you and a few of your friends. Go to the mall and get to know him better.

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