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Is it OK to ask a guy out if your a girl?


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This is my problem... I really like this guy and i wish to go out with him someday or soon...He never had a gf and same for me. We have a lot in common and things like that,and we keep in contact and chat all the time and talk one on one.. Do you think it wll be ok if i asked him out?? i know he wont be shy around me coz we've known each other for some time. and i enjoy talking and or hanging out with him in our after school thing.

but i am not sure if askng him out will be the rght move for me, coz i never asked a guy out before and i know that the guy is suppose to ask the girl out...


do you think it is right if i asked him out!!!



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Since you really like this guy i think you are more worried about losing his friendship but asking him out

He would not be shy aroung you and since you both hanged out together i will be confirtable to go out.

There is a first time for every thing and don't be shy tell him how you feel and see if he want to go out with you and then take it from there. Go out have a nice time you can go and watch a movie, or have dinner with some friends at pizza hut or something like that or even take a nice walk and discuss and commend each other on how both of you look, it will be great. OK good luck

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hey there,

personally i feel that there is a first time for everything and it seems to me that you really like this guy and you can communicate really well so why not make him the first, i completely with tout a doubt think that you should ask him out! he seems like a great person, dont worry about it, dont miss out on your chance.

and well go for it, it shows you have confidence and that you always go for goal.


good luck


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