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how can i tell if she cheatted on me (girls only please)


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I've posted a few questions in the last 2 weeks about my ex, and I was reading a post on this site and one of the advise tips for this post was to smell a man's underwear for sperm to see if he had been cheating.


After I read that I remembered that one day I was in my ex girlfriend's room by myself and I saw her underwear on the ground and it was soaked with dry vaginal juice. But at that point in our relationship she had stopped having sex with me because she said she didnt have the urge to anymore. The underwear I found was worn on a day when she was out with her 3 friends (who were all guys). I found them later that night. I know that she gets really wet when shes turned on and when we used to fool around she would get really wet down there.


So I was confused when I saw her underwear like that, because I thought she had no sex drive anymore, so why would her underwear be wet like that. I told her about it and she said it could have just been one of her dogs because they like to chew her underwear, but it was definantly what i thought it was because i could tell from the smell. So I was just wondering, is it possible get wet down there during the corse of a normal day, even when you have no sex drive? Could she have cheated on me? I would like a girls advise please.

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no one can really tell you whether she actually cheated on you, or not. only she can tell you that since obviosly she knows the truth. well, it all depends on what actually turns her on. those guys could have just been talking about sex in general when she was with them & she could have gotten wet from that. also, does it really matter right now anyway?? there's nothing you can do about it even if she did cheat on you, since you are already broken up. i would say to just not worry about it because you will probably never be 100% sure unless she tells you she cheated on you.

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"she said it could have just been one of her dogs because they like to chew her underwear"---that sounds like a lie to me.


Anyway, women have extra vaginal discharges for lots of reasons ex vaginal yeast infections or extra hormones, but in any case, we just give off a lot of it for who knows what reasons...


There is not justification in the fact that her underwear had extra fluid, however, her saying that her dog chews on her underwear sounds like a lie...why would you leave your underwear around for your do to chew it?


I wouldn't want to wear my underwear knowing that my dog chewed on it, even after I wash it thoroughly.


If you are having so much doubts, it's very unhealthy for you to stay in this relationship. You need to be with someone who will contribute to a healthy and happy normal life, but if you are going to be doubting or mistrusting consistently, then you're just destroying your own sanity.


Oh, and another thing, when a girl stops wanting to have sex with you because all of a sudden she doesn't feel like it, it could be a sign that she's not feeling the relationship anymore...


Anyhow, you need to communicate with her on what's going on...good luck ok!

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