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should I ask her?


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Hi, Thanks to anyone in advance for replying!


OK, About a Month Ago I started College and met this girl, Michelle, on the first day, we really hit it off and have a lot in common. we make each other laugh and We have been going to lunch together whenever we are both in college at the same time (2-3 times a week) and I have even met her friends (ALWAYS an issue for me) and they "approved" of me being friends with Michelle as far as i knew. I think she is great and sexy too and would love to ask her out....


My problem is that I have No real Friends right now, there are people in my life that I talk to and know both in and outside college, but I dont consider them friends, just acquaintances and im worried that if I ask out Michelle, I could be screwing up the beginnings of a great friendship and also, i suck at asking girls out, and i wouldnt know what to say but i really REALLY want her baaaaaaad!




(I sound desperate dont I lol)

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I'm glad that you didnt act on impulse and just ask this girl out. Lets do some preventitive medicine right now. You said something that struck a cord with me. "My problem is that I have No real Friends right now". If you want to attract this girl you need to clean up youre act. Girls like confidence. They like guys who are a challenge. Girls like guys who are popular. Believe it or not, if you were to get involved with this girl right now, there is a good chance that you might "make her youre world". Dont "make her youre world". Three important things that you need(and there are many more) before you get into a relationship are friends, hobbies, and confidence. Never forget that. For now, I suggest you dont get romantically involved with this girl. For now I suggest that you work on making friends. Cultivate close ties with others. Acquantainces wont cut it. You need strong social supports. People you can talk to besides a "girlfriend". I know it may be hard because you really like this girl, but trust me, it is important. All you have to do is look at the countless people on this website who have been hurt before in a relationship. Alot of them neglected those close ties(friends, family during their relationship. Friends make breakups easier. Friends make life easier. Positive friendships are great for relationships. Make friends. Cultivate hobbies(if you dont have any). Then go after this girl. For now keep her as a friend. Eventually things will work themselves out.


Peace, Create a great day, and God bless

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i would say that you should ask her out. im a girl & in my opinion, i don't think that it matters whether a guy is popular or not. it really also depends on what you consider popular too, since people have different opinions on that. It seems like you two really get a long well. i think you should find out how she feels about you though first. it would not be good for you to find out that she only liked you as a friend after you told her how you felt. after you both hang out a lot, you will see her friends more & become friends with them too. have you hung out with her outside of school & not just at lunch?? if you havent, i would say that you should ask her to do something with you over the weekend, or something.

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