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Please advise me on advise with break up of affair

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I have been in an affair for six months. I am a male, single, the lady i am in the affair with has been maried just over a year. I understand i made a mistake. She wants to keep the affair going but it has been very hard on me emotionally. I keep trying to stop it, but the affair starts again.

I feel i am really ready to stop the affir because the pain is so strong.


The problem is we just started to go to school and we are in the same class. i have no motivation for school, feeling very depressed, and considering quiting school so i can move on.



can someone tell me if they think it is possible i can stop and get over this affair when we are in the same class. Feedback woulod be MUCH appreciated, i don't have anyone to talk to about this.

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Why don't you be straight up with her and tell her that you want to end it? Give her the truth why you don't want to continue with it. I think she would appreciate an honest explanation. Hopefully she will be mature enough to handle it. If she doesn't, then you need to cut ties with her and maintain no contact. Unfortunately that may mean dropping out of the class.

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