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Why do you only want something when you cant have it?

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I broke up with my ex a few months back as i didnt think it was working out and i no longer had feelings for her. For a month or so later she made it clear she still loved me. Now i have started to have feelings for her again 2 months on from that, but she is no longer interested. Why do we always want what we cant have? And when we have it we dont want it? All answers would be appreciated

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Because you are most likely lonely. I was with my last gf and kept telling myself I am never going to marry this girl, she is just not right for me, we got along great in so many ways but she never would have treated me the way I wanted. Now that she broke up with me I trick myself constantly into thinking she is the one and that I will never meet anyone like her. That is true, I won't meet anyone like her but I will meet other people with different qualities. When you don't have someon new it is so easy to idolize your ex and compare everyone else to them. Try to focus on why you broke up with her. Obvioulsy you were not that happy or you wouldn't have left her in the first place. Some people are just meant to be friends but continously try to be together. One of my ex's and I went out 3 different times till we finanlly realized we were just friends. Now we have a great relationship and there are no feelings of jealously. It takes a long time to get to that point and with some people it will never happen. You may get back with her and things may be great for awhile but most likely the reasons you left her in the first place will surface and you will be in the same situation as before. So really try to focus on why you broke up with her.

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good answer white rider i liked it, i guess that kind of sums it up. but i know how you feel im prown to wanting things or people that i cant have and usually i ruin things by going for that or hurting someone else!

have you ever noticed that people kind of like you more or seems that way when your already with someone...i think my mates will agree with that .

but anyway i dont think i could sum it up better than the others so yeah its annoying really. anyone got a cure? lol


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