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Am I setting my self up for a disaster


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Recently I have been having alot of problems with my gf. First of all we took a break because we both realized that there were some minor problems with our relationship and that since we have been together for 2.5 years we needed time apart. We were apart a month and then I found something out. She had cheated on me, like 2 months ago. I approached her about this and we had a really long talk. What really happened was that they kissed. I was crushed. Cause over the last month of our break I was just waiting for her to come back to me. We decided to break up. She felt really bad for not telling me and for doing what she did. The reasons why she never told me was that I was in exams at the time, and then we were very busy doing stuff that there was never a good time. I believe that she was never going to tell me. It is not like her to do something like this. She is just not that type of person. Even our friends (the ones that I told) said that is not like her. I think the reason she did this was that she was thinking about talking a break for awhile and she was kinda confused and that the other guy made a move on her. I found all this out last Friday. I have been thinking about this ever since. About whether I want to get back together with her. We have been soulmates since day one. We are best friends and each others first loves. We are both 21. I just feel like I can forgive her for what she did. I do think that I want to get back together with her. I know that I wont be able to trust her 100% right now, but I think that eventually I can. I woke up this morning and felt like I could forget about what happened and get back with her. My decision is that I want to get back with her, only if she makes some promises to me that she will be more open about things.


I am an idiot for wanting to do this. She told me that she would do anything it takes for us to get back together. I believe that if she really wants me back that she will do it. I just wanna know what people think about us getting back together.

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well i think that it was an honest mistake, it was just a kiss and don't even know how long she kissed him. Kiss is not cheating nor is flurting. Seual intercourse with someone else is cheating. I think you should take her back but i didn't say trust her 100%. Looks her signs in the relationship and try not to let her to that again what i mean is that don't leave room for another guy to hit on your girl. it you call the ball is in your court and good luck.

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wtf ?? "don't leave the room so another guy can hit on her."


If he can't leave a room becos his gf might succumb to another guy's advances..what is the point of having anything to do with this girl ?


Listen mb,she's been locking lips with another dude !! Would you tell your brother/sister to stay with someone that treated them like that? Of course you wouldn't,so why would you want anything less for yourself ?


If you don't take her back,you will gain peace of mind and the opportunity to find someone that you can really trust 100%.....


Take her back,and mark my words...she'll think ur a pushover,she'll have no respect for you....and soon enough she'll give you reason to never talk to her again ! It could be sleeping with a guy next time !! Good luck and remember...you are innocent,no innocent person deserves to be treated so badly ! 8)

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Hello again mb,

I disagree with "optimistic person"..... If you're once a fool, shame on them, but twice a fool, shame on you. Kissing someone else IS cheating, and I don't think flirting with someone else is acceptable either if two people are committed to each other. It is disrespectful.

"brando's lovechild" hit it on the head when he said that she will not respect you if you take her back. She wasn't going to tell you about it, you found out on your own and she was busted. Look at the facts. I hate to sound so mean and I know you love her to bits, but listen guy, she is playing you for a fool. Don't let her, no matter what!


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