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I think I'm going into a depression. Right now I feel weak, drained out of my energy. Not tired or sick (yet), just lacking that lively energy that usually get me to do what i have to do. Things haven't exactly been going great, for the last three weeks things keep on getting bad, the only good lately was me being more among people, making a few more friends.

But at this moment, I feel weak, not my usual strong self. It could just be a moment's thing, but I don't see things fixing themselves up anytime really soon. pff....


I need a charge of good positive energy, any idea?

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Ok first things first relax. Cos your not helping your self to think straight.


When I feel like this the first thing I do is sit in the bath, and breathe. No book no music nothing. Just you water and bubbles. Now after that think to your self in bits of all the things that need to be sorted out, then think how to do it, don let it all rush in to your head at once, but in parts. Remember your in control of your own brain don't let it take control of you.


If you can take vitamins to keep your energy going, and you will be fine


Hope that helps.

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i think that u really need to think postitive and positive things will happen, life is to short to be worrying about things that have happened because its not giong to change anything, just keep going and muddle through and i promise things will get better

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