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I.. can't let go ... guys/girls somehelp please

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There's this girl i had a crush on since i was 12.. We got along pretty well at that time but things turned bad when my friends started teasing her and eventually she broke down and we never spoke to each other again until we met again in grade 9...


I told her i was sorry for whatever happened back then she forgived me and I've asked her out twice and we went out but I've barely talked to her... I don't know why, I know i still love her.. very much indeed yet i never expressed my feelings... The only way we would communicate was through ICQ ... I found it so difficult for me to initiate a conversation with her.... any idea what's the problem... i usually don't have such problems... grade 9 passed just like that... I made it a point not to forget her birthday so i have been sending her cards and such on her every birthday..


Grade 10 and 11 passed, i never did anything much other than remembering her birthday...


Now it has come to grade 12... I didn't talk to her until one day, a nosey kid in class peeked at her diary and made her cry. I asked her whether she was ok and she said yes...The feeling for her became stronger.. I made up my mind to throw her a surprise birthday party and hoped she enjoyed it (she doesn't really like partys but i did it anyway), I gave her a dozen of roses and bought her necklace as her birthday gift, it took me all my dough but i think it was well worth it ... I never told her how i felt about her either after sending her home... i guess it was because i was scared of being rejected.. (we were both shy as well i guess) That night she IMed me and thanked me for everything and said that she could not think of much to say but appreciated it very much. she also said that i gave her alot of memories... .. so is that a good sign or bad sign ?


There are 2 more months left before i study abroad... I can't let go of her...She lingers in my mind all the time ... Should i tell her how i feel about her ? She knows how i feel about her i think... I have been in love with her for 7 years yet i have moved a step from where i began... Anyone can help me sort this out ?

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Ok well I can tell you like this girl BIG TIME. I think the key is you have to COMMUNICATE to her about your feelings towards this young lady. But I suggest not to come on tooo strong and just blurt out something like "I've loved you for 7yrs!" that'd might freak her out a little. Take it slow. You'll never know for sure UNLESS you ask. I know it's hard, but it's the only way to find out for sure. If she's gone out with you twice before she must have some interest in my opinion and she sounds like she's just as shy and nervous as you(no offence intended) Check out the "conversational tips for men" articles here at enotalone too give you some help. Good luck man!

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How much experience have u had with women..very little as I can tell


7 years you have known she has existed but never told her how you felt..Okay lets change that go meet her call her for coffee and take her out for a movie see how u feel being with her when u actually spend some time with her ..


The fact of the matter is that she might just like you as a friend and you should be ready to accept that, if you can then go with nothing to lose and everything to gain attitude then fine …


I would say go ahead ask her out ,hey u have waited for 7 years … another thing let me warn you that sometimes we make a image of a person in our heads and in reality they turn out to be totally different from that image.


Also if you go abroad then be careful how involved you get into the relationship because it can be hard long distance


Sorry if I was a little blunt but I am just trying to keep it real so that you don’t get hurt like I did ; I hope it works for you but if it dosent don’t be too hard on yourself like I was .

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Sure real easy .. like stop a distance from her and then like go HEY I never noticed (lil loud) SO she will ask what ..say u have amazingly beautiful eyes ..mind if I take a closer look (just smile when u say it )


LOOK AT A PERSON WHEN U TALK TO THEM IN THE EYES SPECIALLY A GIRL it makes the conversation more intimate ..


ONCE U DO IT .. it will be easier next time .. humans are suckers for flattery ..u me everyone


so dont be scared and do what i told you .. bet that will get her smiling



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