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Girls... I need your advice


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First off, if a guys starts talking to you suddenly, do you automatically think he is hitting on you? Do you immediately start judging his appearance?


As I've been out to eat and such, I've noticed some very attractive women who will go out and eat by themselves. It's amazing that a woman that attractive should possibly find the time to be alone. So part of me says she obviously wants to be left alone, otherwise she would surely have someone with her... but the other part of me says, I'm an attractive guy and I'm her alone and I would LOVE the company.


Unfortunately I'm not a witty guy when it comes to ice breakers so I can't think of anything to say to her to let her know I'm a safe person to talk to.

Any ideas how to ask a girl out on a date without coming accross as someone who is just trying to pick up someone?

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Hmm. Well, if I were just sitting eating somewhere, and a guy came up to me and started talking - then I'd have to say yes, my first thought would be that he was going to be hitting on me.


That's not a bad thing all of the time. I mean, if I'm eating alone, I usually don't mind any company... whether I know the person or not. And I'm not a particularily outgoing girl. And as for appearance, well, of course -- everyone gets a first impression right away, on looks. As for me personally... I really couldn't care less how someone looked.


As for icebreakers, I'm rather hopeless there, sorry. Maybe try to join up with her before she sits down -- I'd think approaching someone already settled would be harder?


I don't know if it's possible to ask someone out on a date without seeming like you're trying to pick them up... because that's what you ARE doing. But just keep it casual, warm and friendly. As a girl, I know that I don't mind seeing that guys are interested in me. It's a compliment.



Hope I helped some, vampyr!

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In my eyes, when a guy walks up to me and just starts to talk to me, I assume he has to find me at least attractive to want to talk to me.


I give him the once over usually, and if he's cute enough I keep talking to him.


Icebreakers hmm...I'd say if she was eating something, just ask her what it is. And act like you've never been to the place before, and try and get her opinion of the food there. Thats a good way to get a conversation going. And then ask her if she works near the place, and see if you could walk back with her to her building, even if it's not in the same direction as yours (if you're in a city)


Hope that helps.

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