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I am about to go on my first date since my gf and I broke up. That was 5 months ago. Although we still were physical up till a month ago and we were talking lot's. about a month ago she pretty much cut me off. I either assumed she met someone else (especially when she told me she had MOVED ON!). I haven't really been able to accpet this because I truly fooled myself into believing she was "the one". I built her up to be someone she was not and still do even though she has treated me like crap repeatedly. We had a great conversation the other night and she bluntly asked me if I was seeing anyone, I said no which is true. She won't tell me if she is but I guess I would rather not know. So know my friend's gf is setting me up with a young, very attractive girl who sounds really great and we are all going out for drinks this weekend. I can't help feeling guilty. I guess I am scared I may like this girl and then have to truly move on which is something I have not been able to do. I guess this truly means letting go and I so didn't want to because I kept thinking she would eventually realize I was her "one". It is the most frustrating feeling I have had in a long time. I know she will never meet anyone like me. We were on the phone laughing and having a great time and I just don't understand why she doesn't "get it". Now I am going to go out and try to have fun and be myself and not compare this girl to my ex. I know it will be tough since I have been though this before but this girl I thought would be my wife one day. I am so scared I will not be able to let go and possibly ruin what could be a better relationship with someone new. Sorry for the long post.

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Holy Crap!!! I'm going through the same exact thing no lie. My ex found a guy and I'm having a bit of a hard time moving on too. I thought we would have a real future together but obviously thats not the case. My friends tried to set me up with someone else but that kinda didn't work out. She was a cool girl and all but we weren't really compatible. Now I just have to suck it up and keep going. My mistake was not telling her how I felt in time. I'm sure you'll do fine man, nobody has the type of luck I have, and that's a good thing.

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you're just scared of leaping into the unknown,im no stranger to this whatsoever.

sure,you're used to your ex girlfriend,and with that you're used to the feeling of sadness and the wishing that things could all turn out to be a bunch of roses between the two of you.-its a nice thought but only a dream im afraid to say,so cut your losses and stop wasting your time on your ex,shes moved on and thats what you should be doing. and you have the perfect opportunity now,you're being handed a new fresh girl on a silver plate,so just take the scary leap,and who knows you might actually end up being happy,it'll be worth it.

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