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hi im a single mom and dating a potential dad for my son

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hi im a single mom of a 2 yr old son. I have been soley raising him and i have met the man of my dreams...hes a great boyfriend and hes great wiht my son..he plays with him and diciplines him...but my son doesnt seem to be warming up to him he acts like he doesnt like sean and wont go with him..he just wants me.....if anyone could give us some advice on why hes doing this and how long it will last or even just soem tips on how to make this an easier transtion for him

thanxs everyone

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hi madison, first off lemme tell you it will probly never end. he knows that sean isnt his dad and will probly never fully accept him as such. But you must not let this get in the way. I know you want them to get along but odds are they wont. and could you expand on "disiplines him"? that could be one of the reasons why. this stranger comes in and starts spanking him I'd be a little peaved too.

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hi thanxs for the reply

well i think eventually ethan will get toi no sean and learn to love him because hes only two years old ...if he was older i could say yes he might never get to like him...no sean doesnt spank we use the room punishment and taking things away that hes abusing...we both agree on the discpline that we use....sean never goes overboard on the discpline...but yes u are right ethan probably resents that sean discplines him as well as me

so if anyone else has anything to add feel free to

and thanxs for replying

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