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Friends? Confused? is it over? What now? help


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Ill do it like this:

-LDR best friends for 6 years, in love for 2(everything was great!!!)

-Both saw us being together for ever, wanted to get married in near future

-I got jealous over her guy friends so i talked to her about it

then she comes out comparing me to her dad who use to make her mom feel guilty about things on purpose and i was like WHOA im not a psycho i was just opening up my feelings about that so i didnt have them anymore.

- next thing I know she says she needs some time to think about some things that had been on her mind (which seemed to be alot of "what if" worries like What if we fight when we move in together and we hate each other... btw im in canada shes in usa.)

-then she says we need to be friends so she can think because the "i love you stuff" made her feel guilty


she says she still wants to be with me, still loves me but needs time to think?


-Ive said my feelings from inside and out and

-I told her lets be just friends now so she can think

-i mentioned maybe no contact for a while would be easier and she got mad that i brought that up because "that wont solve anything i know what i need" and i ask her what she needs and she says shes confused on what she needs


earlier we had spoke and i said i was going for a bit but really im in hour 4 of no contact ...


Ive come here for advice even tho my feelings are the way im going to follow. she says she loves me so much but if she does i dont understand how this issue of time to think is outweighing the love we have.. maybe its not as much as i think? i dont know

there is a ton of other things id like to put in here but i know alot of you dont want to read for days lol.


If you need more details to advise just let me know!


Thanks Alot Everyone!

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OH also..


she mentionds she feels like she depends on me too much and cant stop thinking about me alll day everyday n everything..


and she doesnt like that because she is worried its something real bad.


I do the same. i think about her constanly no matter what im doing. I think its just because of the distance maybe its getting to us? i dont know but everyday my love for her grows..

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Hey I want to help, but I'm not sure if I have good news.


I was in the same relationship like you. And the only thing that will help her is no communication. That will give her time to think about everything she needs to. The no commincation will help because sometimes talking to your partner makes you feel guilty for feeling the way you do.


And if its meant to be, it is. You love her, and she loves you. I hope everything works out for you. Mine didn't work out, but that was beacause we had a lot of guilt issues with eachother. And I hope you don't have that, or ever get them.


Good luck.

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