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I miss my husband so much!

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I'm sorry this is more of a rant then anything. My husband and I are applying for a visa so I can go and live with him and I'm expecting our first baby in December. Since he went back to the USA I've found it really hard to go out and do anything apart from work (I work from home) and I just seem to be destrot. My niece told me my husband was ill today and he said he'd call me in a bit to phone him (We get better and cheaper calling cards here). But he hasn't and I've been waiting over 2 hours for him to tell me that I can call (on msn).


I just feel like I'm constantly waiting arround and I miss him so much. We spent so much time together when we were together and we were so happy. Now I just feel like I'm playing a huge waiting game and it's driving me mad.



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That's really hard, SilverManic, especially when you are pregnant (congrats, BTW!). When are you going to be able to join him?

I know it feels rough, but you'll look back at this one day and laugh...and it sounds like happier days are on the way for you both.

Keep your pecker up girl!!

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I think you are in a circumstantial situation which is beyond your control. Which trumps your feelings and makes you miss your husband more. When someone or something is taken away from you, you want it more. And when things are beyond your control it is easy to create issues that aren't really issues. I know it's hard but be strong and before you know it you will be with your husband. Best of luck.

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