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where should i take my gf


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hi ive been going out with my gf for about 2 or 3 weeks.. we met on an online game and we were surprised to find that we both went to the same school in the same grade! we talked a lot then one day i found out that she liked me and so anyways im now going out with her and its been two or three weeks like i said, we havent really done anything yet, just talked and stuff, ive only taken her on 1 date before and it was to the movies and nothing happened but we had a good time. other than that we havent really been on any dates and i think i should be taking her on more dates or w/e, where do you guys thing i should take her? keep in mind that were both 15 and im not rich

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no thats gay


i mean no offense to u but i just dont want to play minigolf =\


What about bowling?


To be honest with you man there aren't that many options when you are 15, low on funds, and have to depend on your parents or friends to get where you want to go. When I was your age all I did was go over to my girlfriends house and go swimming.

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Yeah im actually asking this question on runescape forums and surprisingly getting good advice.. ive got that invite her to my house idea on there and i think im gonna do that 1 but id like some other ideas too


thx btw

and many thx in advance to any1 else that potss good ideas

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One of my favorite places to go on dates before I turned 21. After that it was Dave & Busters.


they are both 15.



go to a crazy art museum. one out of the ordinary. not ur usual van gogh, but like local artists. most of them have lost their minds and have great stuff to laugh at.


go to a zoo. sorry you don't like the minigolf idea. i usually got to rub up against a girl doing that. and yes, when i was younger. not now. i go out for drinks now, but you can't do that yet.

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What do you mean minigolf is gay? I love minigolf!! I could play it forever and ever until I beat my bf, and then play some more Bowling is fun too. Taker her to either one or somewhere else similar. It's fun and innocent, LOL. It's good whether you've been dating for 3 weeks or long term!

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Mingolf and bowling have been good dates for me when i was in my thirties, twenties and teens. But until now you have talked, which is good. Pick something fun, anything fun that two of you can do together. An activity date. Do some activity. Others I have been on are skating, shooting, sailing, golf, a golf driving range, shooting pool, playing tennis, etc., etc., etc.

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i went to mini golf yesterday i liked it lol but i do a lot more than that too....


bowling is fun

or maybe a movie

or rent a movie and make her dinner (if you cant cook you can go to safeway they have pre made little chickens then all you have to do is open a can of corn or something) thats good no matter what your age is




do you have a pool hall in town?

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