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Did anyone go through this during and after?

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I was only in love once so I don't want to feel alone so im just wondering.



A lot of good times too




Verbal arguments, jealousy, tons of phone calls and text arguments, crying, acting childish, blah blah blah blah blah.....


after the breakup


(keep in mind after 5 months of NC had a major setback involving her current ex calling me and threatening me because i was slightly concerned after finding out she moved). what happened was through a mutual friend I found out she moved and didnt' tell me (she didn't have to but) i kinda flipped. so i tried and tried and tried to track her down. me and her new bf got into a testosterone match. me and her later reconciled, she cried on the phone with me and we shot the stuff said we both missed each other. etc etc etc so we're cool now BUT



anger, jealousy, more crying, more crying, confusion, alone, feeling like its the end of the world, EXTREME hatred towards the ex, feeling like you blew your one chance with the "ONE" can't get them to leave your mind. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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Hi Diggitydave,


I guess what I went through was a fair amount of disgust.


One of my exes cheated on me with a friend and lied about it for about a month...


I went ahead and forgave them both.


They broke up when she left him for another guy.


(Now this other guy she would constantly accuse of cheating on her.


She broke up with this new guy and wanted to come back to me.


I didn't take her back and won't.


What helped me get over any anger issues was the fact that I forgave her for cheating on me in the first place.


Hope this helps some.



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oh it is soooo normal to feel everything you are feeling.... you think you'll be alone foooorevvveerrrr ....but you won't be.. you'll meet someone and in some ways everything you learned in your first relationship will help things be better in your next..and so on and so on and so on.


You'll think about your ex every day ....and it will be a struggle to not think about them..and then all of sudden you'll be like..."hey i didn't think about the ex today! awesome!" ...and then you'll go through a period where you are sad again and youll evaluate the relationship and wonder if you ever even really loved them or they you.....and then time goes on ..and you'll be able to look back and smile at the good and bad times.


the way you feel is totally normal!

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Dont worry man. I'm right where you are as well. She was my first true love and now she's been with some other guy since we broke up in January. I am in NC with her, but its not complete NC b/c she lives below me in our apartment building. The problem is i see her on the weekends with her new long distance boyfriend. I'm doing much better now, but due to the living situation, i dont think i am completely healing yet. I can't let go completely b/c i still think she is the one.

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You'll think about your ex every day ....and it will be a struggle to not think about them..and then all of sudden you'll be like..."hey i didn't think about the ex today! awesome!" ...


This happened to me just recently! It was a major achievement in the healing process, and I'm doing great now!

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Yeah, it's perfectly normal to go through all you just said just make sure that you don't give your ex the play by play of your rapidly changing emotions.


Folks 'round here would call it 'crazy talk'


good luck!

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