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Immature fighting?

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My boyfriend of 2 years recently left me because he said he was always letting go of his feelings in order to make me feel better. Here are the things we ALWAYS fought about for 2 years: I was working 40 hrs. per week and going to school at night. I would be asleep by 10 every night because I was so tired. His schedule was 9-2 on a long day so he could do whatever he wanted. He was upset because he thought I was being rude by falling asleep so early and that we weren't spending enough time together. I tried explainign to him that my schedule at the time sucked but we were going to get through it and once I was done with school and he was working in the real world things would get better. Also, he constantly nagged on me about our sex life. It wasn't exciting enough or frequent enough for him. We had sex about 3 times per week and he had a roommate so I felt uncomfortable getting WILD!! He always wanted things back to the way they were when we first started dating. You know, when you are so in love that you don't even think about anything else and you have sex all the time. The man is 28 years old and does this. I told him if me falling asleep early was all he had to complain about then any guy would be lucky to be in his position. His rely to that was so, your thinking about other guys are you. AHHHHHH!!! I felt like we were going into a mature love stage when you become best friends and you are just comfortable with one another. I don't know what to think of all this. Was I just too insensitive to his needs?

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I had the same problem with my ex. She was always very busy with school and work and training. She is really into sports and is on a provincial ski team. So in short she trains everyday. At first I had a problem with this because I felt like she was not making enough time for me. I just told her I wanted it to be like it used to, like when we first started going out. We argued about this alot. One time when we talked about it, she made a really good point that made me realize something. Although she was very busy, she still loved me alot and would not always be busy. Its just that she is at a point in her life that she is very busy. She just wanted me to believe that it would not always be this way. I eventually believed this and things were better.


I hope this helps. Good luck.

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