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"freaky" question

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Hey all. I'm a newbie to this board and pretty new to dating. I divorced almost a year ago after 10yrs with the same person and am still learning to navigate my way thru the dating jungle!


SO please don't hurt yourself laughing when I ask this question... what does it mean when a guy says he wants you to get freaky?? After we've already had sex, which, by the way he said was great. Is there a general "freak factor" that appeals to most guys, or does each guy have his own idea about what it is? HA!



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speeking for men accross the world.............we all want a girl who can get alittle freeky behind closed doors. what freeky may mean from one guy to the next may differ. meaning one guy could be referring to freeky as butt sex or another guy freeky may mean dressing up in womans clothes. lol in all seriousness maybe its his way of saying he just wants to try knew things. maybe its his way of saying "lets be open". hope this helps.

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Hi! Thanks for coming to eNotalone!


I understand what you're asking... my best thoughts:


When a guy sees a girl who looks like she could have a "wild side" in the bedroom, it's a big turn-on, especially if she acts very innocent and calm when around others.


I would guess he wants you to "take control", or just jump all over him like an animal, showing off that "wild side".


Who knows, though... I'd say just ask him what he wants, see if you can get at his fantasies. Maybe he just likes it rough, maybe he likes it loud... the only way you'll know is either trying things or asking!


Good luck, and have FUN!


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