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how can i know?

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Ok so this might seem pretty strange,but believe me its been baffling me for a while,just wondered if anyone else had been through this.


i just wanna know,how do you know when you are happy?or is that like asking how do you know when you are in love? it seems to be the same sort of question that can really only be answered from what is within yourself,but id like some help anyway.

ive just got to thinking that if you've known something all your life,like just for an example if you had been spoiled when growing up,and your parents had always given you everything you'd ever asked for,and then as an adult you are told that you are selfish and spoilt.-you havent known any better so how can you know what it is like to not be spoilt?

thats the same way i feel about my own happiness,the above has nothing to do with my post but i thought id add it in to help anyone who reads this to understand.

i dont feel as if ive ever been really genuinely happy before,and came to this realisation just yesturday when going out for a walk.-so how can i know when i am happy? there have been moments in my life that i have enjoyed,and i wouldnt say that i am depressed but when something does go wrong for me its like the end of the world,and this is what i cant understand.

i feel i am happy when i am with my boyfriend,or out with friends having a good time,things like that,but then the minute its over and im at home by myself,i just go back to being what feels like insanely bored and unfulfilled.-which is a normal feeling for me,hence the post title.

i dont know whether this is simply a case of not loving myself enough or what,but i just go insane when im on my own,i really cant handle the feeling that im on my own and the feeling of boredom is enough to drive me to tears.if i loved myself more,would i be happier in my own company?

i have gotten better at being on my own,but it still drives me nuts.

i feel like i am a prisoner to my thoughts,when i am with other people and my mind is occupied i am ok,but when on my own i think the most horrible thoughts,its almost as if my own brain is bullying me.

i know this all probably sounds really strange and stupid but im finding it really hard to cope,i have thought about going to a counsellar,but is there really anything that could be done?

i just want to really know this feeling of happiness that everyone is always referring to,but im running out of ideas.i need to feel love constantly,like im a young child or something,and this sometimes annoys people.whats wrong with me?? please help if you can.

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Hi sweets i can relate to your situation so well because that’s how I used to feel ..happy with friends and girlfriend but lonely and bored when alone always looking for love and to be nutured .


Well happiness is basically a state of mind , its how we perceive things our attitude toward small things in life for eg ..the glass may look half full or half empty depending on how u look at it .


If u want happiness its very important to know what it means to you like being with a special person or doing something for others .


I think we are happy when we see other people happy and we have Contributed to their happiness .. I would suggest do some social service join a charity …make others happy u will soon see like magic.. happiness will reflect back to you .. put a smile on somebodys face or give a depressed friend a hug and see him/her light up ..that’s happiness


For me personally happiness lies in giving love and affection without expectations … just smile


“It’s a cynical world but I wont give up to give is to live


If u need a friend just PM me .

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