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Please Help! my confidence gets weaker with every day!!!


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hi, I used to be very orgasmic, although my G-spot has never done much for me ( feels good though), I used to have orgasms with not touching , just thinking about it or in a room or in a car that was viberating just a little bit (like when the washing machine is running) and I could have as many orgasms as I wanted the most I could ever stand though was 23, thats one right after another. Then I lost my virginity and I could still have great and as many orgasms as I wanted with masterbating, but when I first lost it , the first couple times it wasnt that good, I mean I thought so then, but now Im having exellant sex with the greatest guy but my ability to orgasm has slowed and gotten harder , its work now. I hate that its very anoying, not really worth an orgasm if you have to work so hard to get it , Iv only orgasmed a few times during actual sex . but I think with the thought of it , its depressing me badly and I cant help it , it just gets worse and worse , now I think Iv lost the ability to orgasm at all and I just get frusterated and upset every time I try. yes Iv practised through masterbation. and now the sex is really good and I cant have an orgasm its nuts. if any one has any sugestions for a helpless situation please please help me. no one seems to know anything about it or how to fix it

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