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I have recently had a new boyfriend for about 2 weeks. I messed up really bad and cheated on him with an ex-boyfriend. I told him and he said that it upsets him and that he doesn't want me to do it again but that he wants to stay with me because he has feelings for me. I need to know if I should stay with him or leave him, because I am really afraid I messed things up, I don't to try on with the relationship if it will go nowhere from here. What do you think? But, also, He is completely understanding and supportive. Please help me out.

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I would have said that maybe you ought to stay with him if this had happened after a year or more.


But after two weeks, it happened? I am not judging you but don't you think this is kind of soon? Are you sure you don't still love your ex? I don't think this relationship is meant to be...


Good luck!

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