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1st week of college

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During the first week of college i met this girl who lives on my floor, and I fixed her computer when she moved in. THe next day she hung out in my room then i did later iin hers. We flirted for about a week. She would send me text messages while i was in class. Then one night my roomate was drunk, and told her that I liked her. She then began to avoid me for a few days. Then she started to hang out with me again. One day when i was on her computer an IM flashed accross the screen when i was closing the window, and it said "His roomate is crazy. He is adorable, and I don't know if i want a boyfriend yet." Her friend had replied saying "Has he talked about the two of you". She began to hang out with me again. There has recently been this other guy she is friends with and he has been hanging out with us too. She flirts equally with the both of us, and just the other night she ended an IM with saying "bye buddy". Last night she insistedI to stay up with her to study once her roomate went to sleep, but when we studied she was at a distance. I really like her, and i don;t know what to do. If I should jjust come out and tell her? Did my roomate scare her off?What shoul di tell her?

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No. Don't tell her.


Instead change the way you act around her. Become a man, not a teenager.


Oooze confidence. Not wimpyness.


Change the way you look and get trendy.


She will notice and will become interested when she realises this is "A man" and not just a boy.


Good luck,


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I dont agree with Turboz. Just be yourself...there's no need to change the way you look or act, if she likes you it's because she likes YOU. I'd say just get out and meet new people and try not to think about the situation TOO much.....hopefully she'll realize what she wants and make a decision.

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