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Padawan_Lover (a little urgent)

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uh hi there, im newbie lol

im Amy ,(15) and im truly, madly, insanely, deeeeeeeply in love with a friend of mine (Susanne), i just dont know what to doooo

i just sooooo want (need) just to grab her and kiss her soooooo much

like, everytime we see eachother, we get together and never want to leave but how can i go further? I love her....i know that, how will i know if she loves me as much? i dont want to cause a, no-like type thing if u get me


(ps, if i get a response, and u say her name, say Feris ) ty (L)

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ok..so from what i gather, im thinking that you are lesbian/bi right?? ok, well do you know if she is too? from what you said, it seems to me like you are saying feris (right?) is....anyways i think you should tell her how you feel. you will regret not telling her. if you are too worried that she might not like you back, you could ask her other friends if she has said anything about you, but i think just talking to her & telling her would work out the best maybe...

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