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do girls like it when strangers give them a compliment


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Hi people,

Well I have a couple of questions. First off though, is it wrong to give a girl a compliment, with whom I work with and she already has a boyfriend? I mean I don't wanna break them up but I just want to be her friend. Or would that be going too far?


Secondly do girls like it when they get a compliment from a guy to whom there not really attracted too? Or does it annoy them? Also is it wrong to try and chat up girls that you just see in town?


Thanks again

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I will tell you this - Everybody loves compliments! Compliments send out good messages about a person. As long as its a tasteful compliment (nothing disrespectful, like "you've got a nice rack"), it will be more than welcoming even if she has a boyfriend! Pointing out something amazing about her will not only make her feel great, but you will feel happy just to see her smile.


It will also be a wonderful way to start a friendship. Compliments are great ice breakers, as long as they come from the heart. I say go for it, and see where it takes you.

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I would agree - we all like compliments. However, be careful. You don't want to look seedy, desperate or both. Also it should be truthful, because you shouldn't get into the habit of falsely complimenting people to get them into bed (or for any other reason). I would also say something about their personality, rather than their looks - but that's just me personally. People differ, so just try to be genuine and friendly.

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