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this might seem like a weird ? to ask

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me & my bf have been dating for 7 months. we haven't had one fight....this is probably a stupid question, but is this a good thing?? i mean, i dont think its a bad thing...but is it normal? i dont like to argue & he doesnt either...i know if you have a problem with something the other person is doing, you should tell them & i know this kind of thing could start fights. we do tell each other things that bother us & other things, but we never argue about it. like if i tell him sonething he just says ok, & doesn't do it again. i guess im just used to having people argue & yell, like my parents are constantly fighting over nothing. i guess thats why i dont like arguing maybe. i dont think its bad that we dont argue & even if there is something wrong with it, im not purposely going to start fights with him....im not sure if you understand what im trying to say...i guess i just want to know the good reasons that people argue...if that makes sense??

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Thats not weird at all,i have thought EXACTLY the same thing about my current relationships and even posted about it

Ive been with my bf for over a year now,and we used to argue an awful lot for a couple,but now,having split up a few times and got together,are realising whats really important and are not arguing.

i wouldnt knock the fact that you arent arguing(although it can seem strange)coz arguments between couples can be the most upsetting thing in the world.-all i would say is just make sure you're definitely not avoiding confrontation just to keep each other sweet,make sure you are telling each other when something is up,and if you still dont argue then,then thats great.-it means you have good communication and sort out disagreements without shouting and bawling! but dont bottle up things you aren't happy with just coz the pair of you dont like arguments,coz eventually they will come out and it could be nastier than if you'd have said what was up at the time.

honesty is the best policy.

good luck with your relationship you seem to be doing well,just try and cross the whole arguments bridge when you come to it.

best wishes

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Actually I have the same thing going on too. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year, and despite breaking up 4 times (seriously 4 TIMES!) we have never arued. I think the closest we've come is when I gave him the wrong directions coming home from a holiday a month ago! I like not arguing, and I don't want to bring you down or anything...but do yiou sometimes think maybe he just doesn't care enough to argue. Coz that's sometimes what i think, and I hate thinking it. I guess this isn't advice, just something to thik about.

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Hello all,

I wonder about this topic too, although I'm on the other end of the spectrum. My husband and I frequently argue or have misunderstandings. I think a lot of it has to do with how well you know someone too. I admit I should have dated my husband longer to get to know him better before marrying. I think with some couples who don't argue, there might be some things that they are not telling the other person, or there might be some things they're letting slide that might show up later on, once they've had enough. Maybe they're not being honest with themselves about what pet peeves bother them about their partner.... I don't know but I am sure that it is possible to have a wonderful, harmonious relationship without all the arguing, and if you can have that and you know in your heart that you are being honest about your feelings and so is he, then more power to you! I hope that you can maintain that throughout your relationship, and please give us other arguing people some lessons!!! I know I need them!!!!

Consider yourself lucky but I would also keep my eyes wide open to ensure he's being honest.


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I know exactly how you feel cuase my significant other and I have never had a fight and we have been dating for over 2 years andI have had alot of your same thoughts , cuase I mean every one I know fights so can it really be natural ? even in small disagreements where we both have different idea's one of us will just smile and say what ever I already no your nuts and turn it into a tease , so how can you ever fight like that ? any way Im over thinking its a bad thing cause how can it be? but were happy and neither of us just do what the other wants , we both want each other to be happy so its just a plus that we never fight

have fun

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