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Need some advice on what to do..

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I met a girl i had a crush on for almost 8yrs and i finally met her 3 mths ago. I was introduced to her by my sister and we became very good friends. We tell each other everything every little detail in our day when were not spending it together she knows all my secrets and i know all of hers. She told me in teh beginning that she wasnt looking for anything ,but friendship shes just coming out of a divorce. She does her thing and i do mine,but for some reason i cant be with anyone else because she is all i think about. When i try and talk to another girl i see her face and hear her voice. My feelings for her are going through teh roof and i cant control them i told her i was falling in love with her and to my surprise she told me teh same thing,but she said that she doesnt want to love me cause she doesnt want to hurt me. I understand where shes coming from and all cause her EX cheated on her while they were married and its hard for her to be faithful to anyone cause she thinks that everyone will screw her over so shedoesnt want to get involved. i trained myself to block out everything that hurts me,but for some reason i cant block out my feelings for her i cant keep on feeling like this i love her so much and all i want to do is be with her,but im afraid pressure her cause i dont want to lose her as a friend she has become my best friend and i dont want to mess that up. I fear that if she finds out im loving her more and more each day she will push me away. When shes around everything and everyone disappears.When i see her my stomach gets butterflys and i get nervous when im around her. When i look in her eyes i can see myself spending teh rest of my life with her. when i touch her my heart starts to race and i lose feeling in my hands.When i hear her voice its like angels are whispering in my ear. Her voice is teh sweetest i've heard

her beauty out does anyone i have ever met. My questions are What do i do? How do i handle this situation without messing up our friendship? How can i stop what i am feeling for her so i can stop hurting inside and hiding it from her so she doesnt feel bad?

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Hey there,


From what you've posted so far, it seems as though you are really in love with this person. I've really only got one thing to say to you. If you really love her and want to be with her, then try your a$$ off to get her. You never want to get to a point in your life where you look back and regret that you didn't do something. If she really is falling in love with you too, then I'm sure she will learn to trust you as you will learn to trust her. It all comes in time. And although there may be tough times, you just have to hold on.


I've always learned from past experiences. If I truly want something, then I'll go for it. No regrets.


Hope this helps

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well i told her how i feel and everything went to shit..let me start with this story u see i was with a girl for 6 yrs and she left me for a girl like 3 mths ago so i started talkin to this new girl teh one in my post earlier well teh girl that my x left me for started messing wit my new 1 well last night my sister and my x's girl friend talked to my new girl last night and told her some stuff that only she told me about, but it was stuff that had happened in front of my x's girlfriend and no she thinks i was running my mouth about her and now its all ***ed up she thinks i stabbed her in teh back. I been rejected before ,but it has never hurt this bad.any advice on how i can get her trust back and maybe change her feelings for me ?

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