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I have been feeling very numb this past year, I cant really feel much of anything. even my deepest emotions barley phase me, and I dont know what to do about it. I can barley laugh or, feel sad, or angry. some may call it depression but it is just a deadness to all emotion. what am I supposed to do?

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I dunno, sometimes just seems like it is a strugle to do everyday things. But I do them anyways because I know I'll get yelled at if I dont. I guess it is just my life style isnt the one I want, every day it is the same go to school understand 1\2 of what they say do homework ect. School bores me, but I dont want to get a job. I guess it is just the stress of my everyday life. and my mom always has some complaint about something. I really dont know why I feel like this. just that I do, but this is what I got it down to.

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If you think you are depressed you might want to talk to your doctor about how you feel. If it lasts more than two weeks then you probally are suffering from cronic depression. I also felt like this and when my last relationship ended this started to leave me. I am also taking St. John's Wort and HTP-5 for it. I have been feeling great the last week or so. I have been taking it for three weeks now. I went to my doctor and he prescribed Zoloft and that made me feel crappy. I then talked to him about taking Zoloft and HTP-5 and he told me to give it a shot. I will tell you this I am also working out at the local gym. I can tell you that getting rid of the fat I have stored up over the years is also helping. You have to find something to perk you up. I would talk to your doctor.


I hope this helped because I have been like this for years.

Don't let too much time go by before you do something about this problem. Take it from my experiences!!!!


Good luck,


P.S. If you want you can PM for more information.

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thanx hub man, I have felt like this for nearly two years so I guess im a overdue. I tried counsiling, but I dont think that it is helping. But I dont know exactly how I feel about taking new medicine. Because taking medicine may be avoiding WHY I am having this depression, and in the long run may just end up hurting me. But we will see, I may get my mom to schedual a doctors apointment. anyone else got thoughts on this?

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