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cutting is dissapointing those i love...please help!

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i have been a cutter for over 2 years, and it's progressively gotten worse over time. back in may i decided i wanted to try to stop cutting, because i was tired of seeing what i was putting the people who cared about me through. my friends were all very supportive, and tried to help me as best they could. i didn't cut for 3 months, but then i did it again. since i started again it's been worse than before. i'm afraid i'm gonna do some serious damage one day, and it's also disappointing my best friend, who is now my boyfriend. i just don't want to disappoint him, and i can't promise him that i'll stop for him, because i know i'll break that promise.


i need serious help...please!

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well you have the first step down. you have told yourself you need help. no you need to act on those words. you realize that it effecting everyone around you. you need to talk to a counsler or someone. do you remember how you felt when you didn't cut or anything for those three months. if you liked that when you weren't stressed or anything, try and get that back. it is gonna be hard no matter what but you don't want to hurt yourself or others around you. if you thought you tried hard before you just need to try harder. but you need to understand that it is gonna be hard.

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when i didn't cut for those 3 months i was even more depresed than i was when i was cutting, maily because i had no way of getting rid of the plain, which cutting does for me.


i really want to stop cutting though, because i've been cutting worse than i did before, and the other day i even took apart a pencil sharpener and cut in my english class...thats something i'm definitely NOT proud of

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well like i said before it is going to be hard. you have to find things that don't make you depressed. or fix the things that do. if it is a chemical inbalance there are medications that make the depression go away. you just have to tell someone that can help. go to your doctor or ask someone to ask there doctor about it the next time they go if you are uncomfortable about it right now.

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I know where you're coming from; I used to do it, too. I used to tell myself that the only way to rid myself of the emotional pain that I was feeling, was to make it physical.


You probably won't be surprised to hear that it never really worked that way.


Instead of cutting yourself, you need to find a more PRODUCTIVE way to express your emotions. I wrote poetry and read it at the local coffee house. I took up oil painting. I sketched. I wrote stories. Having all of these different outlets helped me to give up my relationship with the razor blade. I haven't cut myself in almost 6 years.


So, I definitely recommend that you try and find a creative outlet!


Seeing a therapist would probably be a good thing to do, as well.


Good luck, and please keep us updated on how you are doing!

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you have to make yourself stop. If you can not stop permanently then you may have an issue with self control. This is something that you need to work on. Then, if you continue trying and trying to stop but are unsuccessful then I suggest that you seek proffesional help or get an accountabilty partner.

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hi i was a cutter just like you and it wasnt till my now ex-boyfriend told me that he will never give up on me and that he will be by my side through all of this. I then realized that i was hurting others too so i admited my self to a mental health place, and got the help that i needed, but with me getting better little by litle i coulsnt get my now ev boyfriend back. If you wanna get better have a list of ppls that u can call when you are felling like you need to cut you self. and dont keep ppls around that only bring you down.

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