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Okay there's this girl from last school year (friends) but I didn't see her over the summer and it seems that there this attraction towards her. Nothing has changed about her she looks the same theirs just something I can't put my finger on. But (of course) there's a problem she has a BF (a long distance relationship) and I know I can get her attention off of him and on me. But how do I know if she really likes me? I know I have to go on a date with her to see if I truly LIKE her. We talk on the phone and before, during, and after school. She even laughs at the most stupidest things I say and do. (I'm a wacky fun-lovin' guy, but serious and romantic) But at lunch when i try to talk to her she's normally with her friends and I can't get a word in but I just love to see her talk and laugh so I'm satisfied.


Another thing, is it just me but whenever I'm around her and her friends them seem bothered that I'm there should I not be there during lunch and just talk to her before and after school? Me is so confused! By the way I'm not that shy of a guy but when I'm around her I can't talk and when I do I say the most stupidest things, even talking about her now is making me type weird.


We have never been out mostly b/c my car has been in the shop but I have asked her out and she said yes.


But how do I know if she really likes me? – I think that's all I had on my mind…



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I think that you should go out with her, and just trying it out. Not for every date you need a car. You can apologise and meet her somewhere, I know it'snot the most romantic thing to do, however she should understand the situation about your car being in the shop.


You see the thing is that if you dont go out with the girl, and just keep wondering and wondering, you are going to get into this 'confused circle'. You have to set all of this straight. But as from what I can tell by what you've written..... i think she likes ya




If you wana chat PM me

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