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Ex-girlfriend is calling me more? What does she really want?

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Hey everyone... I've posted 3 times within the last month , last topic was BROKE UP WITH GIRLFRIEND NOW SHE'S DATING THIS GUY.

Well this is my story.. My ex and I broke up about 5-6 weeks ago and I took it pretty hard the first 2 weeks.I mean I kept begging her back and wanting to work things out and stuff. Then I found out she was dating a guy a week after we broke up and I was hurt and tried stupid things to get her back.. I would ask her to get back together and she would say that she did not want to, now anyways...

Well I listened to what everyone here suggested I do, and it was to have NO Contact, meaning don't call her and stuff. I've been doing that for the past 2 weeks...

She is confusing me now.. I mean last week she called me 3 times at work and wanted to go for lunch and stuff, made up excuses though as to why I could not go.. And then today she called this afternoon from a pay phone near her house,I'm assuming she was on her way home by bus from the new guy's place she is dating.I wasn't home and she left a message just saying she was wondering what I was doing today...


So the question is....What does she really want?? I thought she didn't want to be with me or speak to me? I mean she's dating this guy and why has she been contacting me alot the past week? If any ladies or anyone may know what she is thinking? Why is she calling me now?

Thanks, I hope someone can interpret this for me...

Thanks again

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well i dont know what it maybe but i see it as the ex girlfriends love to toy around with our heads alot. who knows what she really wants. there could be a number of different things that she may want from you, some of them maybe bad some may be good but if you see it as bad news step away from it all. you dont need added stress from her at all. that one thing ive learned and thats to leave it alone and go on by yourself. But dont get me wrong, hear what she has to say and see what it is that she may want. if you see it as alot of excuses then she might be wasting your time.

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I am sure things are not going well with this other guy so , she wants to make sure her back up plan "YOU" still loves and cares about her. Maybe the "other guy" is bored with her already and has dumped her and now she is trying to slowly come begging for you back. She may just want to know how you are doing, but it does not take 4 phone calls to figure that out. She is wondering why you have given up on her. HA! SERVES HER RIGHT, FOR BEING A SNEAK!


Something is fishy amd I could bet that things are not going well with the other guy, or she woud have no reason to call. She no longer has anyone to boost her ego, since you stopped calling. I guess she thought you would pine away for her forever. Yes, something is wrong with "Mr. Right" Sometimes people like to sneak around with others GF and BF and once the thrill is gone from being deceptive they , bail out too. So I am sure this guy has moved on to a new girl who is having problems with her boyfriend.

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Yeah I think you're right.... I haven't called back yet either..I don't think I will... I don't want to be her fallback plan.. It's tough though...I do still love her, I mean we did go out for 3 years... It's a tough one...And especially at the time that I am finally healing..You know feeling better and hitting on other women...

It's just weird

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It sounds like your ex needs to respect your space. She's the one who dumped you, now she has to be the one to respect your space to move on.


She probably feels that you are her support. If she really cared for you as a friend, then she should politely back off and not call you for a while, because her calling you is just putting you back in square one, and you'll have to mourn over the relationship all over again.


For one thing, to answer question, she probably isn't really concerned about how much she broke your heart. For now, you can politely say to her that you care about her, but if she wants a friendship, then she would leave you alone for a while....

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Good advice sunnyscott...Thanks

Yeah chicks mess with your head... They think that we will always be here for them. That's how I felt when we were together. I took her for granted, I mean I knew when we were together that she really loved me, more than I loved her I think,, she wanted me to marry her so bad and have kids and all... Oh well I gotta keep my distance from her..


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She called back again 10 mins ago... I would not have answered if I knew it was her, but I was already on the phone and I don't have the visual call waiting..

I really wondered why she called, I mean she said thank you for the letter I sent her 2 weeks ago and she is sending me one back... The letter I sent her then was about that I still loved her but that I will move on with my life with or without Her , blah blah blah... She asked If I had a girlfriend yet?Then I followed by asking how things were going with her new boyfriend, she replied by saying He is NOT my boyfriend but yeah things are going well and he is treating me nice...What does that mean??? I guess she is just dating and/or sleeping with him.

But seriously this question is for all the women out there?? What is she thinking?What does she want from me?

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Who knows she may feel guilty for what she did to you.


I still think she may be having problems with this other guy. She said he is not her BF so that just means , he does not care about her enough to make her his GF and they are just F#$% buddies.


I think she needs you in her life as a friend or support and that is what she wants to try to get. She wants to get her emotional needs meet by you and her sexual physical needs meet by this other guy.

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