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Effects of Rejection

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I have been rejected many times; most specifically by cheerleaders. This has had a big effect on my personality- I cant seem to be that fun guy I was the previous year. Now im more of an outcast and anti-social. I had many friends last year but this string of rejections has had an effect on me.


Plus I have this inability to go after girls, especially ones I like. I just dont feel like going through all the trouble being rejected.


Also, I have lost a lot of self-confidence. Is this an effect of rejection?

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My friend yes the lack of confidence and happiness is caused by rejection.


All men need a woman in their life. When no woman is in a mans life for a long time he gets depressed that he can't "Get his end away".


I've been there and I still am. I'm currently pursuing a foreign woman who said she would call me when she came to the UK but never actually did.


Show girls, cheerleaders, popstars etc are all the same. They'll open up to the nicest coolest richest guy around but anyone else and you can get lost.


As far as I'm concerned women are just a pain in the backside.



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