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To the Shy Guys - what does a girl have to do!?


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Hey! I just wanna say that my problem is that I'm totally attracted to and always go for shy guys! I'm attractive, confident and bubbly with loads of friends and I get guys asking me out all the time! But I don't feel much attraction to the outgoing guys who ask me out and really go for the cute shy guy in the corner! Is that weird?!?? But this has it's own problems! Mainly that the shy guys don't believe it when I ask them out and get scared off and we never get to even the 1st date!


I'm not in-your-face or anythin like that just friendly and I'm not a man-eater either! I love to ask shy guys out but it hardly ever goes beyond that! What do shy guys want girls like me to do to let them know I really do like them!? What can a girl do to let you know she likes you and not get scared off?!? Am I doin it all wrong and being too forward asking them out and leave it to them???

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Just take it slow. Don't smother the shy guys. They will be intimidated! Get to know them. Let the guys talk about themselves a bit.


I am an introverted guy. I think we dont like overly aggressive people. Get to know them first and go on non-date activities like getting lunch or seeing a movie with friends. Just build up their comfort level with you and the guys will open up and talk to you.

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I second to what jamin said.


This girl (my co-worker) has a big crush on me (I'm not that good-looking, and I'm also shy), and had actually asked me out to a date (on the first day we worked together!!!), I mean, I don't even have a clue who this girl is and I know that there is nothing wrong with meeting new people, but shy people has different approch when it comes to dating; we want to have a comfort zone before we could open up to anyone.

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Don't just go after the guy, we usually get suspicious if you just spot us in the corner and come at us with an intent. The more aggressive guys like that, but for the rest of us be a little more casual. Just start a conversation if the guys as bad as I use to be, he won't say much, so give him a reason to put his 2 cents in. It's best not to approach someone you can tell is shy in a large group. He's not comfortable there to begin with. try and catch him while he's doing something. Make it look like it was a coincidence that you started talking to them, and try and not let them leave without having a place to meet later. If you're at an event ask if he'll meet you somewhere on your way out. He won't feel attacked, and it will give him a chance to come to you. Just make shore you're where you said you would be well before you said you would be there because he'll be there early to see when you show up. Its just how a wall flower thinks. If you're there early waiting that means that you really are interested.

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Am I doin it all wrong and being too forward asking them out and leave it to them???


I think you need to aquire the skills of a fur trapper, setting snares, bear pits etc. Shy guys are often very practical and may consider this a good icebreaker topic of conversation. They may even help you dig the bear pit, and you're not obliged to tell them who it's for. Please ensure when the pit is complete, and the ladder removed, that there is something soft lining the base, otherwise you may damage him.


OTOH a shy guy may find a very outgoing personality too much (or too much in the long term, even if they successfully date) so not a good match for either.



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and really go for the cute shy guy in the corner! Is that weird?!?? quote]


I don't think so, actualy it's good, ive never met a girl who goes for the shy ones, i'm shy and scared to speak to women if that happened to me i'll feel a little confident with myself that actually someone is atracted to me.

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I am veary shy, but I like the outgoing girls becouse they get me to do things I would not do normaly. But you have to be slick to not scare us away. Be are friend and we will become more open with you (that is your clue to ask us out) at that time he had time to get to know you. Well it is nice to know that there is girls out there that like us shy guys. I hope this helps you.

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