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A bet: who can do the longest without...


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8) okay,

so me and my BF are active right. anyway we have this bet to see who can go the longest without doing anything or saying anything sexual. we both have so totally embarrassing things we have to do if we lose and i don't wanna. so do any guys/girls have any suggestions to make him horny and do something or give up because if i can't get him to then i most def. will lose because Im bad at that kind of stuff. PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE!!!!


love Qtpie87

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OK this used and it depends what turns him on. If ur moaning turns him on then when u guys are alone just smoothly make moans and sex breathers and play it off. And wear skirts as much as u can that drives guys crazy easy access u know. Just dress as sexy as u can and look as good as u can. Make sex jokes anything that will get him thinking about it. Just as long as u don't think about it ur cool. Also us guys have kinda of an advantage we can service ourselves.(lol) Well that's pretty much all I can think about for right now but if something else crosses my mind I'll give u a holla.

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