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Was this girl abused or dumping her feelings on me?

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Was this girl abused in her youth or just generally dumping her feelings on me? I get the opinion that maybe she was inidrectly asking me to do something for her, other than that I don't really understand why she would just start off telling me these things.


This is not word for word. I am going from memory and I think I might have left a little bit out, but this is the main gist of it.




Girl: Well, times are going to be tough for me, I need to save up money to take my educational exam but I am broke poor, and don't know alot of math, enough to be required to pass the exam.


Me: Yeah, they tend to push alot of mathimatical ability for those test.


Girl: Yes they do, so I am changing my major to english; because I am better at that.


Me: Sounds to me like you will do well


Girl: I still don't have a lot of money and this semester I will be on a tight budgit. I only have half a tank of gas, so I can't go to church this week, and saturday night I will have to walk in the dark home late at night, and if I do that I will get thrashed.


Me: (puzzled at why she used the word "thrashed") Thrashed?


Girl: Yes, Scott will thrash me, Bill will thrash me, Dirk will thrash me, and my boyfriend would also thrash me.


Girl: They would never left me walk home alone like that.


Girl: I will have to stay at home and watch church on television, I can't even go.


Girl: (hugs me)


Me: (hugs back) Everything will work out in the end.


Girl: will I have to go, I'll see ya


Me: Yeah, cya

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