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What's the Deal?? Jealously?

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hey, i'm kinda in a jam. i understand that my bf doesn't talk to gurls (friends) that's over 2 years younger than him. and for the most part i'm the opposite, i have friends of all ages. we've made it thru 3 months but recently an issue came up. sounds a bit silly but, i was chatting to a 14 year old about philosophy (seriously he's reallie smart. chatted ONLY ONLINE like 3 times * i've never met this boy. and my bf asks me wat i was doing. simply i answered the question. he said it was sick chatting w/ a young boy and left. i think it's only sick if i was having certain intentions to date the boy. wat's wrong? wat can i do???

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There is nothing wrong with talking a younger person, there may something about your bf that is strange, anybe he had a gf that left him for a younger person and he does not want that to happen to him so he may be jeolous. you said that you only were toghther for 3 mths and I am telling you 3 mths is no time to know every thing about someone it takes yrs so talk to him or watch and listen carefull to what he is say an dconvey each meaning properly and by doing this you will know how is feels. Ok

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I think saying it was "sick" is a bit of an over-reaction......I talk to guys years younger than me on the internet and have some great friends on various hubs and forums.......doesn't mean I want any kind of relationship from them! I would just ask him why he got so upset about it, and explain that his personal rules on speaking to people are not YOUR rules as well. You're not hiding anything from him, so there's no need for him to get that upset about it! And if it IS jealousy, then he's being overzealous. Granted, a lot of people find it easy to "cheat" on their b/f or g/f with someone they meet on the internet, but that doesn't mean EVERYONE does it, and he should realize that and give you a bit more trust and realize that you DO have some common sense!

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god overstatement of the century!

when has it ever been sick to be mates with someone who is younger than you. reacon that he could well be jelous i mean whats it matter when your just mates and talking about phliosophy?

im in so the same situation as you, my man sees a threat in this lad whos like a really good mate but hes two years younger than me! why so? i mean hes just a great mate, it seems to me that the younger ones are so becoming more mature than what the lads are today.


one its never been sick and two doesnt he think he should give people a chance in life....how much are you betting hes missing out on meeting some great people!

go open minded like you are its so much better having a wide range of mates at all ages.

so yeah i reacon its an edge of jelousy.



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Hey there, my name's Starlette and I'm willing to help you out.


It has to be jealousy, since chatting to this kid three times really doesn't mean anything. This is similar to my boyfriend and me, he dislikes itif I talk with other boys just as I'd dislike him talking to other girls.


When I say talk I don't mean in the unflirty way, as you did with that kid.. I mean the girl having interest in him and vice versa.


Believe t or not, it's very hard to trust anyone anymore because you can never tell what another person is thinking. You can think someone will react one way and they react the other... And I'm sure that if you would have known he'd get upset at it you wouldn't have talked to the person any way at all.


He vanished, he was home all day on saturday and he only called me ONCE while I sat beside the phone so often!!

I didn't go to that party I was -so- dying to go to and I regret it. So much. Well, he finally calls on sunday eve and goes "Uhm... I can't talk for long, I'm going out with my PARENTS." x 2. Note that, note that! Then hje goes "Uhm... Can you call me at 8? no, 830.. No, 9, no, 930!" So I accpet and then call.


9:30 PM. Phone ringing... Who picks up? His father. NOTE. He was out with his PARENTS. I ask for him, he's not there obviously. So he calls back ten minutes later.


"Hey, Anthony! Been worried... How was your day?"


"I was out with some friends of mine, you remember Kiary? Note. That girl I liked. further note. That girl that liked me. More notes. THAT GIRL YOU DISLIKE.-- And some other girl that used to be my friend and another person, he didn't specify her gen. so I assume it was another girl. My voice cracked, I lowered my head and whispered into the receiver. "Did you have fun...?" Not too long later. "Yeah we saw 8 days after. Note. That movie I wanted to see with my buddies. we got pizza, we talked, walked and bonded." ...In the verge of tears, I controlled my cracking voice. "Glad you had fun. Well, I'll talk to you friday or saturday or something." Then he asked "What/ Are you mad at me?" y tone growing cold, I told him thatt I was. He was shocked and scared, and we hung up. He had lied and he had evaded me on satuirday, and he also told me he wasn't even planning on telling me. Well, what else can I do? He'd also asked idf I'd gone to the party and I told him I didn't because MOM didn't let me.. Lie. Later discovered.


So I call cow and I told him everything, and he goes. "But you lied to him and now he's angry at you for not telling him the truth. For not telling him you didn't go because you loved him and didn't want to hurt him." He did get mad, and I broke down after the call. They saw nothing wrong in wha Anthony did... And after I hung up with Cow I broke down crying and wrote those two poems.


Jealousy does have it's times.

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sooo dramatic, yes i also broke down...first time i've actually done this over an agrument. i guess love has it's ups and downs. the pain sure lingers around longer...love happiness makes one unable to think, and agruments also does the same but opposite affect MAKES U THINK! wish there were simplier ways to deal w/ problems...we're still fighting, he says probably days until he IMs me again. until then he won't kare who else i'll talk to....this sux

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