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I need some advice about moving on

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hey...we're all out to find the love of our lives if not anything else. eheh, wow i can see ur reallie into this gurl. obviously she doesn't want to see u yet because she's still healing from the relationship. besides if people saw u two together right now....they'd think she was cheating. esp. her ex. sooo stay cool if she's worth waiting for why not do it. besides the best things in life come w/ a price. i'd wait!!



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I don't think situations are not that complexed as people say they are. Firstly If this gril likes or loves you that bad she will come back reguardless.

Secondly If you love her you will let her exactly how you feel and and you will always remain friends even if both of you are not together.

Thirdly When people are scared they say things that mean the opposite to what they said

Forthly Tonoght make sure you go by her house and tell her exactly in full details what you want out of arelationship with her.

Yes she is young and if might just mean that you both just liked each other alot and it probably might not be love but i can't say that because i am not you and i am not there. Moving in is your discission, and if you move on now she might what u back only because you have moved on (I am telling you some people do that) but You can only know what is best for you. It is nice to hear that they are some nice guys out there that are interesting and not want to joke around all the time. Don't worry if you keep it up you will find true love Ok.

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Well, it's your decision as to whether to move on or not.....if she said she doesn't see you two together "right now", you could interpret that in many ways. One, she's not over her ex and doesn't want to jump right back into another relationship, or two, she was gently telling you she wasn't interested in a romantic relationship with you. It's very hard for a person to tell another person they're not attracted to them, and most try to find a softer way to say it, such as something like that. But if you're friends with her, then there's no reason not to continue that friendship. She knows how you feel and knows that you're there for her as a friend regardless of any other issues. If you're comfortable with staying in that "friend" status, then leave it at that. She might not want to get together with you for fear of losing that friendship if things don't work out, since it's hard to go back to being friends after you've been romantically involved. Not always, but a lot of the time. If you are her friend, then leave it be.....she'll give you signs if there's meant to be more!

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Listen, its not easy when you get stuck on someone. I think your feelings for her are deep. It just puzzles me that you can talk about her so fondly, but then ask us the forum whether or not you should leave her. I think you need to ask yourself that. Why do you compare her to other people in your life? This just makes it only harder for you. Also I think its unfair for the other people that could make an impact in your life. Are you worried that if you move on, she might think you weren't interested and then you might regret that? You need to take life by the horns. If she said move on, then move on. You think she is all that, then don't question her judgement. If you care about her and really truly want to be with her and want to wait it out, then do. But I don't suggest the comparison bit to other people. That only limits your chances to find someone else that could be better than her in the end. Good luck.

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