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does she like me more then a friend?

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ok i know this girl for about 2 yrs now and me and her r really good friends now and now am starting to like her more then a friend i've told her best friend which is my best friend as well dat i liked her and she told me that she just likes me as a 'best guy friend' which sucked like hell

i trust her and all but it doesnt seem that wayb/c me and her always flirt around and now shes dressing a bit more sophisticated now she doesnt mind spending time with me at school while on our break and we just talk and she complains about 'how i hug her' (odd subject but ya..) and etc... she bumps into me alot in the hall and while she was stretching out she was waving at me 4 a secs and i didnt notice and when i waved bak she stop and went bak stretching and i was da only one to wave at her me and her have gone out by ourselves but just as friends and never on a date. she pretty much does alot of the things ppl say girl do if they like you touches u, likes spending time with u etc... but at times she i dont now if she likes me or just likes me as a good guy friend. am prretty sure that she likes me but my and her best friend said she just likes me as a good friend and i trust her on it but its hard to

help plz

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Well.. the first thing to remember when being a guy. Guys always take what a girl says and chages it around to what they want to hear. So.. the best thing to do, and remember this... DO NOT EVER ASSUME!! the things you think that clue that she likes you, forget it! Now, a friend told you she likes you as a best guy friend. Thats not always a great sign. I can't say for sure, but its probably true, you maybe waisting your time. But If I've judged you right, your alot like me and that you don't see giving up as an alternative. Well in that case do the following:


Start up a good conversation. How do you do this? Well ask what is called "open-ended" questions. An open-ended question is question start with "how" and "why". An example of an open-ended question is:


"How was your day" or "Why did he do that?"


These are a very good way to start conversation because there is no set answer to the question, she will have to expain her answer which gives you more input to ask more open-ended questions or reply back to something she said. Try not to ask so many "what", "where", "when", and "was" questions such as:


"What time is it?" or "Was the food good today?"


The answer to these questions are "limited-answer" questions. They usualy have 1 to a few answers. Asking these questions will have her attention for a breif moment for time to answer and then she will move on after. Also these questions may lead to what is call "uncomfortable silence." Uncomfortable silence is when you ask or respond to a question and it follows a breif moment of silence. This is a big turn off in trying to start a relationship. Most people think when you experience uncomfotable silence with someone you have nothin in common and the relationship will probably not work out. Some time this is true, but not always. The reason being is that your not asking the right types of questions. Asking open-ended questions will help you find more things you have in common with the other person.


Now limited-answer questions are usually essential to find out specifics like HER NAME!! for one. Other questions such as:


"What is your favorite color" or "When is your birthday"


These questions are good to ask on a first date, and when she answers them repeat the answer, but not the full answer... like if you ask her what her favorite color is, she might say "well.. i like green because it reminds me of summer, summer is my favorite season, you get to tan and go swimming... i like to swim..." some girls tend to go off on tangents, so dont repeat all of that... just repeat the answer. Say green, to yourself out loud, not her. This lets her know you are listening and taking care to what she says. Now, never ask these question back to back. Try to ask a limited-answer question, and then a open-ended question... after disscusing for awhile then ask another limited-answer question.


Now, a few things to remember when having a conversation:


1. Don't talk about yourself ever, unless she ask you to. If you start talkin about yourself she will easly get bored with you.


2. Say her name often, this lets her know that you are focused on her and in return she will focus on you.


3. Focus your attention on her, listen to everything she says and ask question about what she is telling you. This lets her know you are listening and that you are interested in what she has to say.


4. Eye contact. Look into her eyes when talking to her. This is when "uncomfortable silence" is great. This will lead to a breif moment of silence with the to of you looking into eachother eyes. This will let her know you like her, and if she likes you.. she well probably smile, but the kind of smile will tell you how she feels. If she grins and changes her attention to something else, she probably just see's you as a friend, but if she smile showing her teeth and remains lookin into your eyes. she most likely likes you.


5. Be positive. Ask prositive question. Ask questions where you expect a positive answer. Unless you want a negative answer. This will help you find common intrestes and also let her know your are optimistic.


Now, if this doesnt help you out on the current girl, im sure it will help you out on future girls. Hope things work out for you. If things don't work out. The best thing to do is find a hobby. Something that will keep you busy and keep her off your mind. In the meantime... another girl will fill her place and you will get to try this stuff on her. Trust me. Feelings are transferable. You may like her and don't want n e one else. But you will feel the same about the next girl too. Sorry I made this so long. But I like giving advice. Have fun and be carfull. See ya.


Steve Malone

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