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depressed as hell

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Failed 3 tests this week

I'm going to school to be an audio engineer amd I failed 3 crucial tests that need to get me farther in my learning career and I'm really super depressed about this, because it's something that I wanna do for a living...but I feel like quitting or killing myself. I already cut myself 2 weeks ago.



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music guy, failing tests is not the end of the world. If you want to pass why dont you get your teacher to help you after school. if you are so depressed this is probly a very good idea. But remember school is not the say all and end all of life. But if you are serious about being an audio engineer then you might consider a tutor or talking to your teacher.

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I know how you feel I just got out of a deep depression and I would not be here if my room mate did not show up and tackle me I was going to stab a knife into my chest. Now that I look back on it I think life is 1000 time better. But like he sead above me it is just school and ask you teacher for help you with your school work they will help you. And dont try to kill your self just remember life is short and just live it up.


Hope you feel better and have a happy life.

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It sucks to feel like a failure at something you love but don't think for one second that doing well in school is the key to success. Go find biographies on successful people and see how many of them became who they are in an "unconventional" way. There are thousands of paths to success and happiness, school is only one of them. In the meantime, sit down with your teachers and let them know how you feel. They'll appreciate your passion and they'll help you improve.

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