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Poem:help me!


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When you want to cry

but the tears dont come

when you want to scream

but your fighting back

All the emotions running wild

and the feelings you dont lack

your emptiness inside

is filling up fast

when you cant think of tomorrow

and you cant forget the past

When nothing is right anymore

when nothing is ever sane

when your searching for your feelings

and you just cant find the lane

when the tears are deep inside

and they just dont come out

but the feelings you cant hide

Im crying inside my heart

and i wanna release it all

And i want it off my chest

cuz my feelings cant help me up

after such a hard fall

when im better off alone

but im scared to be that way

when im always with someone

when i cant find the words to say

to say whats on my mind

to say whats holding me back

to say im almost there again

to say my feelings dont lack

im scared to death of you

im scared i cant breathe

Im so scared to be hurt again

but im more scared to leave

I want myself back

the way i was before

when my heart was empty

and not at all sore

help me to overcome myself

to never feel this pain

please help me soon

please keep me sane!!

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i really liked the poem, i feel like that sometimes (usually the emotions are individual to how you put them and then some times i get an overloads, thats when you feel at your worst.

so was that poem an ask for help, with you saying

'please help me soon

please keep me sane!!'

or generally an ending to how you feel.

i mean i can listen if you want to talk. im good at that lol.


anyway great poem, very much heartfelt

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