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multi-faceted problem...please help!!


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i just graduated from college and am now in law school on the opposite coast. at the end of last year, i was very interested in a co-worker of mine (and i think he was interested too). we studied together, went out, and hung out often toward the end of the semester. one night while we were hanging out he said that he resented that our relationship couldn't flourish into something more bc i was leaving (he is younger). i really really liked him, but i knew that i was leaving and didn't reply. i was heart-broken.


this summer we emailed and talked but nothing more-- i didn't even get to see him. since then, we've emailed but, again, he hasn't called me or tried to contact me in any way. i was thinking of visiting a friend that will be in the same place as this guy during my break. my question is, should i go? should i just try to forget about him? if so, how? i really like this guy and have never felt so strongly about anyone else in this way? at the same time, i realize it's a little impractical to try to pursue this... help! what should i do. is this worth it?

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Hi Babygirl,


What exactly are you looking for here? Do you want him or not. You must first decide that. You don't seem to know the true answer to this. There are stumbling blocks that distance can create, but good communication can get around that and ensure a successful relationship.


Also, a good plan relating to how long this distance would exist, and the viewing times during term time would provide a good basis for a relationship if both parties were up for it !


So bearing that in mind, decide what you want to do, and then do it !


Hope this helps you some,

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