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Okay I met this girl at college, we have 3 classes together and have become pretty good friends in the two weeks we have known each other. We usually flirt quite a bit and seem to have good chemistry. I'm not sure if she considers me as a friend or as possibly more. I am terrible at figuring out signs that a girl likes me as more than a friend. Anyways I gave her a ride to work one day, and I've let her use my cellphone etc. These could be considered friend type things. I don't know if she has a boyfriend or not but I'm working on figuring that out without bluntly asking her. Whenever she sees me say sitting at a table with friends, she'll come and sit down right beside, not sure what this means. Friends, more than friends? There is this other guy she hangs out with too in one of my classes. I am really in a tough situation, this girl is awesome and would love to date her. Any girls have any signs that are obvious signs a girl likes you?


Thanks any advice or feedback is welcome.



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hi, pat--


it sounds to me that this girl might in fact be interested. it could be that she's just as shy and hesistant as you are....


as a girl, i found that this link (link removed) was VERY GOOD!! it's a list of things a girl does when she likes you. if your girl does a lot of these things, than i would take your chances and ask her out.


good luck!

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Dude! Go for it! She does like you, that other guy... he's competition! You must act fast before he gets her. Haha! You have nothing to lose... Ask her out on a date. You may be afraid of losing what you got if you go for her, but if you dont take the chance now, you probably will lose her n e way. If your dont beleave me well then there are a few things to pay attention to when talking to her:


First, Pay attention to her body language. She can tell you how she feels about you more threw body language than she could with words.


1. Smiling. Pay attention if she smiles around you and if she does how and what she smiles for. If she smiles around you alot even if there isnt any reason to smile, this is always a good sign that she likes you. If her teath are showing, thats even better.


2. Eye Contact. If her eyes are focused on yours, this is a good sign also. This means she is focused on you and is listening to every word you have to say. If she looks into your eyes as she talks... this could be a good sign, but its even a better sign she is talking to a group of people and she still focuses her eyes on you.


3. Pointing. This seems to be a secret language of girls... If a girl is point towards you and smiling thats very good sign she likes you, not to many girls do that though. If her foot is point in your direction and she is smiling thats another good sign. If you are talking to her and she has her knees point towards you, thats also a good sign she likes you.


4. Sign that she has the hots for you. If she has her chest stuck out or she bents over to show off her chest, or if her legs are spread a lil more than usual, or if her pupils are diolated, or if she does the hair flip and smiles in your direction, these are all good signs she wants you in bed! haha. But just becuse she gives you these signs doesnt mean to get her in bed, it just means you have a good chance, but let her set the pace and you follow threw.


There are plenty more signs that you could look for, but just remember that you are a guy, and guys like to take what a girl says or does and turn it into what they want to hear or what they want it to be. Thats called assuming. Dont do it! Just watch for these signs and see it they are consistant. If they are, then act on them. Go for it. Dont be shy, a girl loves a guy that is confident and willing to take control. This means the guy will be more successful and rich in life, thats why girls for guys that have power and money. Most likely you dont have eigher alot of money or power, so just show off your confedence and positive thinking and she will be more attracted to you. Go for it man! Hope this helps you. See ya!



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