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Hi Guys,

If you are in an ambivilant relationship-post breakup- with your ex where you feel like a yo-yo/come here go away thing check this out. I was inspired by my own yo-yo , mixed signal situation with ex. Have you ever been where you don´t really know what is happening? If you manage to muster the strength to ignore them a bit, they seem to persue you. However if you are too eager to chump the bone they throw at you or dare to try to come clean on the situation and ask where you are standingw, then they are back to break up mode? Is this driving you nuts? Do you not know who is crazier--you for putting up with them or them for acting one minute like they love you and the next like you have the bubonic plague? Then this is my advice for my self and to you from my heart. It was inspire on my ex who is now all of a sudden showing interest to see me (last time he did said he loved me post breakup he changed his mind from wanting me back to not wanting me back after I asked him if he loved me in 3 days!) sound familiar? Then this one is for you!:


EX want you back they must get a visa first!


Our heart (and in my case my body) is like a country. Our ex´s had a permanent residence there, a greencard (lol) but on their own decision decided to give it up and abandoned the territory of our country. In order to come back inside they need to get a visa. Now I am becoming as strict as the US under Bush--- what happened to my heart was and felt like the s-11 attacks for me. I must make sure my ex has no terrorist intentions. Why am I going to give free access to the terrorist that commited the s-11? No way. He must earn that visa.

Tomorrow he will start making the line in order to get an interview with the visa official. However, he already has a file with criminal history. So does your ex. I am not saying be mean, or insensere, however be cautios (Hope you like my little terrorist analogy! )



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So your ex wants to see you now. He is on some kind of love drug. I think men say things and do not realize what they said in the past. Just like you , I feel like it is a crock of #$%# , when my ex all of a sudden has a turn around after all the hurtful things he said. Sorry, but if you only liked me as your sister a few months ago, why in the hell am I supose to believe your feelings have changed. It is like they put their foot in their mouth!! It is hard to recant hurtful things like that.




My problem with my ex is that: He is really attracted to women who are larger than me ( I am small and petite). So I am like if you like a girl with a little meat on her bones, what the hell are you doing with me? I do not understand, why not date the kind of person who you are most attracted too? I tell him, if he does not like me that is fine b/c there are PLENTY of other men who like the way I look. He says that love can overlook things like that. Yes , I know, but he talks as if , if you do not have an ass that is huge you are some how less of a woman. He makes me sick sometimes, with the way he views women as some piece of meat for a males sexual gratification. I would like to think that a woman can be judged not just by her butt, breast, legs, and thighs. Then in the next minute he is begging on the phone to come see me( I live two hours away)? What is his problem? Why would he not like the way one woman looks who has the same body type as me, but like the way I look. He will rant and rave about how he does not like thin women, but he dated one for 4 years and is trying to beg on the phone every day to "get back" with this thin woman. It does not make sense to me? His excuse for me is that, I am thin but I have a great ass. I wish a man could love you for more than your body. I know he does not just like me for my body, but sometimes I wonder if having a great body is a woman needs to have to date him.


I know it has been 2 months since me and my ex have been talking and I still do not trust him!!! He asks to come visit and I keep putting it off b/c I just do not know any more? I feel like you he will have to pass many tests to get back into my good graces again. Right now my ex just has an temporary visa, that can expire any day. I think that maybe they are having a hard time letting go too. I also think they want someone to boost their ego. OUR EX's THINK: "I don't want you but you are the only one I know who is crazy about me right now". "So since I have low self esteem right now, and no other women are crazy about me the way you are, I give her a call" I think they call us when they are bored or lonely. I think they just want to know that they are the SUN, MOON, and EARTH, to someone on this planet!

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nice post reborn i like it a a lot and will consider your thoughts when handling my ex-gf.


sorry to hear your having a pig of a time with your ex genesis.


can i just say that there are a few of us men out there that love women for who there are and not what they look like. (no offence to anyone intended).


hopefully one day god will smile upon us all and pair us with our rightful soulmates.



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