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  1. This probably isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I just wanted to get everyone's opinion. I'm in a group of four very close friends that I've known for twenty years. We are all 36/37 and one is 43 years old. Ever since COVID started in March 2020 here in Australia, the four of us have been chatting in our group chat, occasionally video calling and regularly watching movies virtually. By virtually I mean we play a movie at the same time on our own devices and we chat about it all through the movie on Facebook Messenger by typing in the chat. One of the women in the group, S, who is 43 is obsessed with Japanese and Korean culture and TV shows. So I saw that there's this new TV mini series that just came out on Netflix called Squid Game and it's Korean. I suggested to the girls to watch it and some of my reasoning behind it also because I knew that S loves Korean shows and movies. I said that we can just try the show and see what we think. We agreed we would try it and if we didn't like it we didn't have to watch. We watched three episodes virtually but I'd never seen any Korean show or movie before and don't understand any Korean. With us constantly chatting in the Facebook Messenger chat, I couldn't see the subtitles and I was also getting confused with all the characters' Korean names because I really wasn't used to hearing Korean names. I did actually say all this to my friends. I got something wrong about the characters and told them and they all seemed to understand it and I was the only one that didn't. I also asked if we could watch two episodes of the show at the same time but they said that sometimes they might be able to watch two but usually it'd be one. The show has nine episodes so we're talking about virtually watching this show for like two months coz they basically wanted to watch once a week or so. I know it was wrong but I actually went ahead and watched the whole series by myself. But I was still going to watch it with my friends as well and I was going to chat about it. I loved the show so was even looking forward to watching it again. I actually honestly didn't think it was going to be that big of an issue and I wanted to be honest with my friends. I admitted to them I'd seen it and I explained my reasons why. Two of them said "that's fair enough" sort of thing. We started watching and watched one episode. Then S says she's really not enjoying it because of me and she's really disappointed because I've already seen it. She said she didn't want to keep watching it with us and just wanted to watch alone. I apologised profusely and said I completely understood she was angry but there was no reason not to keep watching together. I said I still wanted to keep watching and I was enjoying it. Anyway she said no and that she will just watch it alone. Then she basically stopped talking in the chat all together. She did say: "As you know, I'm really passionate about Korean shows so maybe I'm over reacting". She spoke to me quite coldly and then she just stopped participating in the chat. I apologised that I suggested a foreign movie with subtitles but that was only because we'd never actually watched a foreign movie or show virtually before. I could be wrong but in my personal opinion she did over react. I don't exactly understand why it wasn't possible to keep watching together still because I still wanted to keep watching and chatting about the show. She watches Korean shows and movies 24/7 and can even speak some Korean and Japanese. Whereas it was my first time watching anything Korean and I did explain that. I could have said upfront that I couldn't understand it with typing on Messenger at the same time and couldn't keep watching and then I imagine we would all stop watching it anyway. But I didn't actually want to do that and wanted to continue watching the show together but I wanted to actually understand it. I think she's acting a bit over the top. It's totally fine to say she's annoyed at me but to literally stop watching the show and stop talking in the chat in my opinion is over reacting. And especially as my friends know that yesterday I was in a car accident which wasn't my fault. A guy smashed into the back of my car really hard and the whole back bumper came off. He stopped and I took photos of his number plate. He gave his mobile number but afterwards refused to give any of his details for my insurance company (he didn't have insurance). So I couldn't do my insurance claim without his details so I had to go to the police and go through the trouble of them chasing him. I really don't understand what is the big deal about this show. Am I missing something or am I wrong?
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